Maron Bouillie goes off for a walk to fill her basket with images, snapping wavy blades of grass and soft wisps of air. Back in her studio, she exposes those delicate moments, sprinkles her ideas to keep them fresh and creates tools to make household chores pleasurable. As seasons go by, Maron plants her collections… beans or radishes, each with their specific nature. According to the times and the weather, things will grow in different ways. Thus, with a touch of mimesis here, a spot of diversion there, Maron Bouillie sows the seeds of poetry.

From Marie Bouillon to Maron Bouillie

Marrons Bouillis ? Marion Bouillie ? No no, there's no mistake, it's Maron Bouillie, an anagram of Marie Bouillon!

Maron Bouillie - Marie Bouillon fashion designer

I spent my childhood in the countryside in the middle of fields and woods with an older brother who was a cabin builder. When I came home from school, I went to get milk from the farm and climbed the cherry tree for a snack. Curious and daredevil, I happily set out to discover everything around me, nature, attics, neighbors' farms, etc. We lived in a typical old house that my parents were restoring. My dad made wooden toys, and my mom sewed embroidered clothes. Learn a lot, I grew up surrounded by fabrics and pieces of wood, I learned the stages of creating an object.

Maron Bouillie - Marie Bouillon Parisian artist photographer

At 16, I went to Paris to study applied arts at the Boulle school. Then at the Duperré school where I studied fashion and design. Passionate and hands-on, I discover the city, the museums, the shows... Firstly a visual artist, I am interested in atypical approaches, both in the field of design and that of live performance. I design exhibitions of diverted objects, performances with balloons and participate in creations with different performance companies. But the desire to create collections takes over. In 2003, I launched my company and the Maron Bouillie brand.

The little Pixie

Emblem of the brand, the little pixie tells the story of Maron Bouillie's life throughout the seasons. A guardian angel, she wanders from the countryside to the city, from collection to collection. In turn, articulated paper puppet, benevolent shadow or sewn fabric creature, she is the boss.

Pixie Maron Bouillie logo

Maron Bouillie "Made from photos"

That is to say using photography as a material to construct objects. the image is not decorative but a main constituent of the product. The idea being to create links between image and use.

1 - Picture / photographie

Georges Perec said “Question the usual, even if we are used to it” Photography transcends reality and reveals it to us. She speaks for herself and offers us an open narration. Past moments, memories, everyone tells their version and thus appropriates part of this collective heritage.

2 - Manufacture

I create textile objects from my photos by thinking about the image and the use of the object. I play with reality through its mirror with poetry and humor. By mimicry like a chameleon, by diversion in surrealist fashion, I offer an offbeat look. Dressed in photographs, my objects convey stories. Everyone remembers this or that object, place or other detail. Thus, the object takes on the function we give it. He touches us and makes us smile.

Maron Bouillie around the world

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