Reusable shopping bags

Discover our collection of reusable shopping bags, where creativity meets style and durability. Bring a fresh touch to your daily purchases with our unique designs crafted from sustainable materials.

Designer canvas tote bags

Vegetable bags with matching handles

Each vegetable finds its match! Maron Bouillie's signature pieces, these iconic items emulate the shape and design of your favorite veggies. From radishes to carrots and leeks, each is vividly brought to life with colors straight from the gardener's harvest, handpicked for their photogenic qualities. Beets, eggplants, and peppers are artistically arranged to showcase their best features, offering both allure and a crisp visual treat! The latest addition to the collection includes larger, eco-friendly bags for increased carrying capacity

Designer bread bags: stylishly durable and functionally elegant

As if fresh from the oven, these grocery bags boast crisp images of various bread types, becoming your quintessential shopping ally. Whether you prefer a baguette, so frenchy, a loaf, or need a larger container, their elegance and practicality are unmatched. Seamlessly blending into your kitchen's aesthetic, they add a touch of sophistication and functionality to your decor.

Durable shopping tote for the garden enthusiast

Elevate your style with recycled bags boasting vivid vegetable and botanical prints. Created for durability, these accessories feature a gusset to increase capacity for all your needs. For a more plant-inspired choice, opt for foldable totes adorned with Tomato, Cabbage, Squash, or Eggplant model. These articles celebrate a rich variety of garden delights, embodying the essence of a gardener's harvest

Offer made in France reusable bags

These reusable tote bags are crafted entirely in France, showcasing the country's renowned craftsmanship. The white fabric is woven in the Rhône-Alpes region before it travels to Tourcoing to be print in vibrant, seasonal hues. Adorned with photographic prints and meticulously sewn in Paris by skilled artisans, it's not only stunning but ready to carry your purchases in style.

More information on manufacturing is here

Use eco-friendly bags

Opting for Maron Bouillie product means choosing to actively participate in preserving our environment. Indeed, it is made from recycled polyester. That is to say a material obtained from the recycling of plastic bottles in particular. The use of these materials not only contributes to the circular economy but also provides resistance and durability. Choosing this reusable bag means adopting a sustainable approach that extends well beyond simple acts of beauty purchasing!

Foldable and washable tote bag

This durable item is not only sturdy, but also designed to make your daily life easier. Easy to maintain, you can wash it in your washing machine, I promise, it will keep all its freshness. No matter how often you use it, this canvas bag stays fresh and ready to go, just like the first day. Adopting it means choosing a zero waste lifestyle!

Step into the spotlight with a Maron Bouillie shopping bag, where every trip to the grocery becomes a green carpet event. These aren't just bags; they're a mobile garden party over your shoulder. Sustainable? Check. Fashion points? Double check. Perfect gift for the eco-savvy with a sense of humor? Absolutely. Make shopping an eco-chic adventure and gift a laugh with every unpack. Maron Bouillie bags: where sustainability meets whimsy.

Sac de courses réutilisables
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