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Personalize your home with Maron Bouillie's designer cushion covers! The brand offers a selection of double-sided printed covers featuring photos taken by the artist. Choose the Alphabet models to write sweet words on your sofa! Kisses! See you tonight... With the Paris shopfront cushion collection, treat your sofa to a trip to Paname! Add a warm and elegant touch to your interior decor with these square cushions made in France. Easily removable, these models in all colors are machine washable.

Discover our range of sofa cushions

A collection of Paris storefront cushion covers

The creator explored the streets of the city to capture the essence of the old shops that have withstood the test of time. Each original photo immortalized on these cushion covers tells a unique story full of authenticity. By capturing these Parisian shops in their context, these decorative cushions offer an immersive visual experience that takes you on a journey through time across the iconic neighborhoods of the French capital. This unique artistic approach imparts an evocative and unique aesthetic to interior decor, harmoniously merging the past and the present. These double-sided Sofa Cover reveal the front with the storefront, the back with captivating interior scenes, and an inner flap reveals the floor of the place, thus sharing these historically rich locations.

In the vibrant neighborhoods of Paris, Maron Bouillie photographed the letters inscribed on walls, the initials hung on facades, the bold and italic characters, the fonts of all colors! Like a whimsical typographer, she created this unique urban Alphabet. Each square cushion cover features a letter printed on both sides, a single letter but a different photo on each face. It's up to you to play with this urban poetry full of charm and originality. Every day, compose words by combining these sofa cushions, true messengers of your creative and playful universe.

  • In Lucie and Paul's living room, the cushions sofa proclaim RELAX and NATURE.

  • The sofa of Martin is flooded with joy, adorned with the printed cushions ART and HARMONY.

  • In Léa's den, these decorative items become accomplices under the words WELCOME and FRIENDS.

  • In the room of little explorers, the design cushions display ADVENTURE and IMAGINATION.

  • During nap time, the words SOFTNESS and REST settle on the family bed.

Creative and inspiring, these decorative accessories will brighten up your daily life. Their original, colorful, and graphic patterns will bring vivacity, and their playful and decorative style will personalize each room in your house with a touch of joy and originality.

And why not a gift idea?

Maron Bouillie offers a selection of designer covers that make a high-quality gift for all occasions.

It's your friend Felix's birthday, a technology enthusiast, delight him with a 'T like Techno' cushion, perfect for his gaming corner or geek workspace.

For Caroline's celebration, a weekend seamstress and cloth lover, offer her the decorative Mercerie Au mètre à ruban cushion.

Looking for a baby shower gift? Use letter cushion cover to spell out the newborn's name or sweet words like "DREAM," "JOY," and "ADVENTURE," creating a playful and inspiring atmosphere for kids.

Bring a touch of originality to Pauline and Arthur's housewarming party by inviting each guest to bring a letter cushion cover. A subtle and fun game where guests have to decipher the secret message. Perhaps a cheerful 'HELLO' or a tender 'SWEET HOME' will be revealed. Prepare to be delighted!

For Christmas, the sofa fills up with decorative cushions and personalized gift ideas tailored to everyone's passions. The café Au petit fer à cheval for Paris lovers, the V for traveler for explorers, ...

Simply gifts for those who appreciate unique and original pieces in their home.

How to organize your home decor with these cushions?

Discover how this range of original creations fits into your home decor. These fabric products, faithful companions of your daily life, provide a touch of friendliness and warmth to your interior, seamlessly transitioning from the living room to the children's bedroom in the blink of an eye.

A like Amour, in the children's room, our playful seat cushions create a soft and warm atmosphere, ideal for intimate family moments.

In the reading nook of the living room, the "Library Au pont traversé" cushion cover invites relaxation and reading in a calm setting.

P like Paresse, inviting relaxation and moments of leisure, our cushions gently welcome well-deserved breaks during the day.

Placed on a bench in the kitchen, the "Confiserie Boulangerie du Moulin de la Galette" cushion cover adds a convivial and gourmet touch for shared family moments.

M like Meditation, nestled among restful corners, our couch cushion cover harmonize with moments of calm and meditation, fostering a serene and soothing ambiance.

Resting on an armchair in the office, the "ZUT! Industrial Antiques" seat cushion brings a vintage and inspiring touch for moments of reflection.

S like Souvenirs, accompanying shared evenings by the fireside, our couch cushions covers are keepers of precious moments and shared emotions, creating a warm and memorable atmosphere.

Discover the characteristics of this cushion covers collection.

Maron Bouillie's covers embody the excellence of French craftsmanship, highlighting a three-step artisan manufacturing process. From the woven white canvas to the meticulous printing of photos, to the sewing, each sofa cushion cover is the result of meticulous quality work that unfolds from weaving in Rhône-Alpes to tailoring in northern France. This perfect fusion between the authenticity of the images and local production enhances the timeless and unique character of the brand. A true mise en abyme, between creation and manufacturing, between past and present, offering models that charmingly tell stories.

This product is made from recycled polyester fabric, sourced from transformed plastic bottles. This eco-friendly approach is part of an environmental conservation effort by giving a second life to plastic materials. Each stitch reflects a sustainable commitment and respect for our planet, offering a product that is both aesthetic and thoughtful to enhance your interior decor with ecological consciousness.

Machine washable

This decorative accessory, practical and durable, can be machine washed without altering its colors. This feature ensures that your cover will maintain its initial brightness even after multiple washes, preserving the integrity of your interior decoration.

Ideal size

This cover is available in generous size of 40x40 cm (letters) or 50x50 cm (storefronts), providing an ideal size to fit most standard cushions. This classic square format allows you to elegantly dress up your cushions while ensuring a perfect fit. With its spacious dimensions, it brings a pleasant visual presence and adds a touch of balance to your living space.

Easy delivery

To facilitate delivery, this item is designed to fold flat, simplifying its transportation and storage. It is worth noting that the filling is not included with the cover, giving you the possibility to choose the desired padding according to your preferences and personal comfort.

Enhance your interior with unique and eco-friendly covers

Like a journey through the picturesque streets of Paris, Maron Bouillie's original couch cushion covers transport the very essence of the City of Light into your interior. Each pattern, each stitch tells a story, a testament to French craftsmanship and eco-conscious commitment. By choosing these designer products, you are not simply adding decorative accessories, but pieces of soul and history to your living space. You marry aesthetics with durability, art with ecological consciousness. Opt for a decoration that embraces authenticity, creativity, and sustainability. Live with sofa cushion covers that warm your heart while beautifying your house in a unique and inspiring way.

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