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Personally attentive to our planet and my consumption, I have applied my lifestyle choice to my business since its creation. I think our purchases are our first civic act. Our daily choices directly impact our lives and our future. By preserving local know-how, we value each other and respect natural resources. Today, I work with small SMEs in France, all responsible and supportive. Thus, I offer quality, thoughtful and durable products. And presto, from creation to shipping, the products are born from the hands of agile weavers and seamstresses with fairy fingers! I therefore invite you to discover below these partners who create my ideas.

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The main manufacturing stages

Maron Bouillie, fabric items and bags made in France from A to Z…

1 - The Weaving

logo tissage de Charlieu

Follow the thread! the looms move like mechanical spiders with agile legs! Les Tissages de Charlieu (Rhône-Alpes) makes all my fabrics. Since 1967, this company has been developing in the heart of the country of weavers. In search of a reduced environmental impact, it is today at the center of the ALTER-TEX association, a network of French companies committed to eco-responsible, ethical and supportive textiles. Also, convinced of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Charlieu weavings are concretely committed in this direction. In particular, it pays part of its profit to its employees. Finally, the company is Origine France Garantie certified and collects the labels: International GOTS (Global Organic textile Standard) for organic cotton, Global Recycled Standard for recycled polyester.

loom 1 tissage de Charlieu
loom 2 tissage de Charlieu
loom 3 tissage de Charlieu

2 - The Printing

Logo Myditex

Let's continue with color, but watch out for ink stains! The rolls of fabric arrived in Tourcoing (Haut de France) at the printer Myditex. Created in 2010 by Sébastien Mignot, this human-sized company is located in the heart of an eco-district in a textile wasteland. This is the “magic” step, my photos will be sublimated onto the polyester using digital printing. This technique uses non-polluting inks (solvent-free), consuming little water and energy. Above all, it allows you to obtain a high quality image on fabric while guaranteeing its longevity even after several washes.

fabric printed with images of storage boxes
recycled polyester printed with images from the french bread collection
silk printed with images of nature scarves from the fragile moments collection

3 - The Sewing

Logo mkb confection

MKB confection, was created in 2009 by Karine Grassien and Murielle Bouchez in Béthune (Haut de France). Economic licensees, they decided to launch their own workshop and offer quality clothing made in France. By listening to creators, this small business saved a few jobs. There you go, this is where Sophie and Judith sew the boxes and the storage compartments.

logo ACD esat Père Lachaise

ACD – ESAT Père Lachaise is an association providing assistance through work for people with disabilities. Founded in 1964 by Pierre and Louise Dumonteil, this workshop now occupies a former stable in Paris. So, it is in an enthusiastic and warm atmosphere that the seamstresses assemble the bags and baskets.

logo est Cacatois

ESAT CATARTOIS have as a motto “The seamstress’s needle pricks like a meticulous hen” (Jules Renard). Word kept, the work is careful! Located in Arras (Haut de France), this work assistance establishment supports people with disabilities. Note that the entire workshop focuses on sewing book covers and shopping bags.

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News made in France

Logo Mag'in France

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The Marking "made in France"

“Made in France” or “Fabriqué en France” is a marking of origin that brands can indicate on their goods. However, this indication is optional for non-food products. Nevertheless, if the manufacturer decides to indicate a statement of origin on its product, this must comply with the rules of non-preferential origin codified by customs services in accordance with European regulations.

Informations on the Made in France

“Made in France” or “Fabriqué en France” is a marking of origin that companies can indicate on their goods. In France, a dedicated procedure allows companies to know if their products can be affixed with a “Made in France” type of origin marking. This is the request for Information on “Made in France”.

Any company manufacturing products in France intended to be marketed in the EU and/or exported outside the EU. The IMF is only intended to indicate to companies whether “made in France” type marking of origin is possible or not. This procedure is not mandatory to affix “made in France” to their products. Companies are free to request or not the expertise of the general directorate of customs and indirect rights. Please note, however, that caution should be exercised when affixing a French origin marking on a product. The provisions of the Customs Code and the Consumer Code allow the General Directorate of Customs and Indirect Duties (DGDDI) and the General Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) to ensure the protection of French origin by penalizing any fraudulent marking.

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