Vegetable baskets - Storage for kitchen

Dive into the deliciously deceptive world of our fruit & vegetable baskets collection - where each piece makes you doubt whether you are about to bite into a juicy fruit or a cunningly crafted decorative accessory. Watch the faces of your guests, astonished and amused, as they discover that the luscious basket of fresh fruit that majestically adorns your table is none other than a creation by our designer, Maron Bouillie, the queen of culinary illusion. It's a celebration, a medley of pears, bananas, tomatoes, and local flavors.

Our 'seeing is deceiving' baskets for kitchen do more than just play a game of hide and seek with your senses; they also bring a touch of humor and originality to your home. Join us in this playful spirit, where each seasonal basket is an invitation to smile and rethink your home decor.

Maron Bouillie offers deliciously lifelike ideas!

Discover Maron Bouillie's trompe l'oeil baskets; they are absolutely delectable! More realistic than ever, they are printed all over with photos by the artist. In the early morning, she carefully picks these vegetables from the garden, or selects seasonal fruits at the market. Back in her studio, the harvest is artfully arranged under a ray of sunlight. A single click captures the very essence of these delights, a prelude to an artistic transformation from nature to basket. Transfigured onto fabric, these creations take shape in local workshops, where the photo is woven into the object.

Discover a selection of lifelike visuals:

  • Tomatoes, veggie basket: An array of varieties, each more tempting than the last, are illustrated on this storage organizer

  • Onions basket: The ideal kitchen storage solution.

  • Apples, Fruit storage : The promise of crisp freshness.

  • Potatoes, vegetable storage : Keep them away from light. Make an event of it, present your delicious tubers in their earthy skins in this container to accompany a friendly raclette.

  • Lettuce, Gift baskets : An explosion of green, transforming a simple salad into a culinary masterpiece. Just place your salad bowl inside, the effect is guaranteed!

  • Berries, basket fruit : Strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, red currants - the quintessential summer flavors, perfect for celebrations and birthdays.

  • Citrus; storage for kitchen : A cocktail of vitamins visualized by the radiance of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and clementines.

  • Eggplants, veggie basket : Bring color to your dishes, with shades of green and purple, perfect for an artistic ratatouille.

More than just a simple storage accessory, these baskets of seasonal fruits are clever, original gifts, perfect for anyone looking to give (or treat themselves to) something unique. Imagine the surprise and smile of your loved ones discovering, nestled within this 'Tomato' or 'Eggplant' bag, a selection of fresh fruits or crunchy vegetables. At a time when the choice of a gift reflects our personality and values, giving a Maron Bouillie fresh fruit basket is to share a piece of everyday poetry, a playful wink at the routine.

Discover the multiple uses of Maron Bouillie's Kitchen Storage

Featuring a round shape with a diameter of 22 cm and a maximum height of 26 cm, this beautiful gift basket is ideal! It perfectly adapts to whatever content you wish to place inside. You can fold it, refold it, or unfold it according to the specific needs of what's inside.

Stop wondering how to display fresh vegetables?

We offer ideal baskets for elegantly showcasing your seasonal fruits & vegetables. Once filled, simply place them on a table or a countertop.

Decorative kitchen storage

Use them to organize spices, tea, coffee, kitchen towels, and textiles, all while adding a decorative touch. Or why not use them to store bathroom items or office supplies, the little messes or children's toys scattered around...

Original gift packaging

Use these fruit & vegetable baskets as original and reusable packaging to gift gourmet products or wellness items, for example.

Picnic basket

Take them along on your outdoor outings to organize and transport your gourmet compilations in an original and practical way.

Alternative plant pot

Add a pot inside to turn the fresh fruits basket into a decorative planter for your plants or herbs.

About manufacturing

Choose high-quality products made in France

Bring a breath of fresh air and a pinch of humor to your kitchen with our 'made in France' storage basket. Printed in Tourcoing and crafted in Béthune, this product is made with careful precision by skilled hands. It's practical and stylish, ready to be filled with your gourmet purchases or simply admired. 'Made in France', but ready to conquer kitchens worldwide without breaking the bank on plane tickets!

Offer an éco-friendly seasonal vegetable basket

Looking for a storage star for your kitchen that balances style and substance? Look no further! Our eco-friendly fabric storage baskets are not just a pretty sight; they're also the guardians of your seasonal vegetables and fruits. Made from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles and lined with organic cotton, they ensure safe food contact! These high-quality products are built to last, resisting the repetitive wear and tear of your culinary routine. Who said you couldn't have a container that is beautiful, health-conscious, local, and tough?

Machine Washable

Furthermore, this beautiful basket loves to take baths. Durable, it's here for the long haul, ready to survive the dramas of tomato sauce and orange juice stains. You'll be pleased to know that cleaning is a breeze: just a quick spin in the washing machine, and it’s ready for new adventures. Who would have thought that organization could rhyme with lightness, durability, and a touch of madness?

Don't let your taste buds languish in boredom. With Maron Bouillie, bring a touch of originality and humor to your table, and offer your guests an unforgettable event. Fruit baskets and laughter guaranteed with every bite! A true culinary feast, swirling with pears, bananas, oranges, and clementines. Choosing a Maron Bouillie storage basket for kitchen is also a uniquely charming gift idea. It will surprise and delight your loved ones, transforming every occasion into a refined and inventive celebration.

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