French Bread Basket on fabric

Make your breakfasts and dinners more charming with our practical and thoughtful small storage baskets, styled to perfection. These can also be used as charming baked goods bags, perfect as a stylish gift for any occasion. Created to keep your bread fresh, they combine simplicity with elegance, while adding a touch of creativity to your table. Perfect for complementing your kitchen with an item that's both useful and aesthetic

Discover our designer baskets

Our unique collection are stylish and perfect for storage

Choose a touch of originality and humor for your home with Maron Bouillie's designer bread baskets. Printed in trompe l'œil with the designer’s photos, these accessory will surprise your guests. Just like the work of the natural artisan baker, you have the choice between the ‘variety of slices’ model or the ‘golden french baguette

  • 'Variety of bread slices' model: Launch a culinary expedition without leaving your kitchen with our 'Variety of Breads' basket. Like a fabric tasting map, it displays a tempting array of bread, from hearty slices of whole bread to delicate loaves of white bread that seem almost too beautiful to eat (but we still recommend devouring them). Ideal for enlivening a brunch or simply dazzling guests at teatime, this basket turns everyday into a small crispy celebration.

  • 'Traditional french baguette' model: Parade the streets of Paris on your dining table with our baguette basket. Printed to replicate the iconic baguette, this bread basket will surely make you blush with delight with its golden and crispy crust, without the crumbs. It is the perfect accessory for those who want to add a bit of 'je ne sais quoi' from France to their interior. Use it to add flair to your dinners or as a centerpiece on your kitchen counter. Be warned, it might just steal the show at your meals!

But beyond their pleasing look that is sure to bring a smile, these products are good for practical use, offer versatile storage capabilities, and showcase a timeless style that makes them delightful gifts, perfect for any small or cozy home. Made from quality materials, these baskets are durable and easy to maintain, with a clever closure system using a cord, ensuring the freshness of your food.

Basket for Bread made in France

Our creations, more French than a baguette under the arm, are the result of meticulous manufacturing. Each round basket is designed with palpable love and care that could almost make you believe each thread was handpicked for its beauty and durability.

Before our accessory even begin to take shape, the adventure starts in Charlieu, in the heart of the Rhône-Alpes region. There, we weave our recycled polyester, sourced from revived plastic bottles, and our organic cotton, as soft as a spring morning, with care and attention. It's the perfect mix of ecology and French chic, proving that even recycled materials can have a glamorous second life.

After this fiber transformation, the fabric travels to Tourcoing. Here, our printers go to work, not just to print but to transmute mundane fabric into edible works of art... well, almost! Be careful not to bite into our designs, as appetizing and natural as they may be.

Then, it's off to Béthune and Paris, where our artisans, who know sewing better than their own pockets, assemble each basket with surgical precision. These needle and thread experts ensure not only a sturdy piece but also a unique one. Because after all, customization for us is like well-buttered croissants: essential!

And that's how, by valuing local production, we support the economy without ever losing our humor. Each basket is not just a high-quality item but an invitation to share a smile at every glance. Because with us, even our bread baskets have an excellent sense of humor and know how to keep the bread warm and the conversations even warmer!

Opt for an sustainable french bread basket

And there you have it, the journey of our round baskets ends here, but that's where their story begins at your home. Each woven fiber, each pattern imbued with creativity, and each seam carefully crafted, is just the first page of a chapter that continues on your table. Our bread baskets are not mere containers: they are unique products, where elegance meets French humor, creating a centerpiece for every meal.

These models, born from innovation and stylistic boldness, offer much more than the preservation of bread; they tell a story of passion, craftsmanship, and respect for the environment. Each utilization celebrates the art of the table and the protection of our planet. So, are you ready to serve breakfast or possibly host guests for dinner? Our designer basket is here to add a pinch of charm and a smile to every occasion

Serve your french bread with style on an ecological item

This natural basket is made from recycled polyester (plastic bottle) and lined with organic cotton. These materials are both carefully woven in Charlieu, in Rhône-Alpes. This bread bag combines sustainability and ecological awareness to serve your daily green life.

The advantages of fabric for storing and preserving food:

  • Breathability: The fabric allows good air circulation, which prevents the accumulation of humidity and delays the development of mold.
  • Protection against drying out: The soft texture of the textile envelops the bread, protecting it from air and drying out, while maintaining its crispy crust.
  • Washable: Durable and designed for everyday use, our storage basket retains its colors even after washing, ensuring impeccable hygiene.
  • Foldable: The fabric basket stands out for its flexibility: once empty, it can be easily folded and put aside, thus freeing up space on the work surface. It is the ideal solution for a clean and organized kitchen.

Offer a beautiful gift the original "panier à pain de France "

The baker's basket, as chic as it is cheeky, is the Swiss Army knife of decor – it sits pretty on your dinner table, struts its stuff on a console, or moonlights as a counter's centrepiece. It can effortlessly slip into any party – be it a country shindig, a classic soiree, or a modern art gala. Not just for your soughdough, this basket hugs croissants and cradles danishes, upping the fancy factor of your feast. Pair it with a snazzy cutting board and voilà – you've got yourself a setup that screams 'haute' hospitality with a wink.

Use the Maron Bouillie "panière" and bring a touch of fantasy to your house!

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