Fruit & vegetable Box

Maron Bouillie's fruit and vegetable boxes merge aesthetics with utility, showcasing designs of apples, pears, oranges, and root vegetables from every angle of their cube-shaped storage.

Simply turn the box for a fresh perspective, matching your current vibe. Adorned with vivid, life-like photos of produce, these basket not only enrich kitchen decor but also provide versatile storage solutions. Whether for keeping spices in order, tidying up kitchen tools, or ensuring veggies stay fresh, everything finds its place inside these containers.

Looking for a chic storage option or a piece that adds flair to your space? Maron Bouillie offers a range of designs that bring both elegance and organization to any home.

Discover the charm of Maron Bouillie vegetable basket

Maron Bouillie reshapes the mundane into exquisite art pieces. Enhance any room with our decorative essentials, each piece vividly showcasing garden delights on all sides. These baskets do more than dazzle; they're perfectly suited for tidying up kitchenware, neatly storing spices, or cradling your market treasures. From juicy apples to zesty citrus and crisp radishes, immerse in a world of nutrients! This season, invigorate your cooking space with the essence of nature.

Crafted by Maron Bouillie herself, these compartments are a testament to the rich variety of fruits and vegetables. Whether aligned, sliced, or heaped, she artfully arranges them, breathing life into their form and hues. Each click seals in their perpetual freshness. Adorn your home with the bounty of the garden, immortalized in Maron Bouillie's distinctive collection.

Choose kitchen storage with an original and creative design

Beets: Unlock a spectrum of beet varieties from earthy reds to mild yellows and the striking Chioggia, each offering a unique taste and visual appeal.

Carrots: Discover the vibrant life of carrots in shades from orange to white. A glance at this storage celebrates their beauty and culinary potential.

Radishes: A color and shape fiesta awaits with this box, highlighting the rich diversity of radishes, ready to enhance your meals and moments.

Apples: Dive into the apple variety, from Pippin to Api, in a basket that celebrates the orchard's bounty and the simple pleasure of a juicy bite.

Pears: Journey through the seasons with a selection of pears, providing a tapestry of textures and tastes to reflect the cycle of nature.

Citrus: Welcome winter with a box adorned with citrus, championing lemons, oranges, and grapefruits for an energizing, vitamin-rich diet.

Ideas for using these kitchen storage basket

Kitchen Organizers

Use Maron Bouillie storage neatly stock and categorize your kitchen essentials. From spices to teas, or even your collection of recipe cards, these containers can keep your counters and shelves looking organized and aesthetic.

Fresh Produce Display

Place these crates on your kitchen counter or dining table to store and display fruits and fresh vegetables. Not only does this keep your produce handy, but it also adds a vibrant touch to your kitchen decor.

Plant Containers

Convert these vegetable basket into charming planters for your herbs or small houseplants. They'll add a touch of nature to your kitchen windowsill or living space while keeping with the theme of gardening and freshness.

Gift Baskets

Fill a Maron Bouillie fabric basket with gourmet items, homemade treats, or sustainable living products to create a thoughtful gift basket for friends and family

Decorative Storage

Employ these product in any room of your home for decorative storage. They're ideal for holding small toys in a child's room, bathroom essentials, or even serving as a unique jewelry case.

Picnic Basket

Thanks to their sturdy and portable design, these boxes can be easily used as a chic picnic basket, adding a stylish twist to your outdoor meals

Seasonal Decor

Fill the boxes with seasonal decorations, such as pine cones in fall or ornaments during the holidays, to integrate a festive touch to your space.

Offer a made in France product

Explore our decorative storage compartments, designed with a French flair for your interior. Crafted entirely in France, these accessories merge local craftsmanship with aesthetic elegance. The journey begins in Charlieu, where the pristine fabric is meticulously woven. It then travels to Tourcoing for a vibrant transformation. Adorned with striking photographs, their final form comes to life in Béthune, where our skilled seamstresses lend their expertise. Offering more than mere storage, each container is a testament to beauty, ready to infuse your living space with warmth and sophistication.

Unlock the Practical Benefits of Eco-Friendly Fabric Storage Solutions

Flexible and Lightweight

This storage bin is easy to handle and move around, perfect for rearranging your organization whenever needed.

Protection for Objects

The fabric gives a soft layer of protection for delicate items, minimizing the risk of scratches or damage.


When not in use, this item can be folded down in seconds, becoming compact to save space and maintain order in your home.


These fabric storage supply an eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers. they are sewn from recycled polyester and lined with organic cotton.

Easy to Clean

Moreover, this basket is machine washable, promising to maintain its luster. Easy to upkeep, these durable products are designed to simplify your everyday life.

In the end, opting for a vegetable box is more than just a choice—it's a lifestyle. You're not only embracing the freshest of produce but also joining a community that values sustainability, supports local farms, and enjoys the occasional potato joke. Remember, every fresh vegetable crate you welcome into your home is a 'leek' towards a healthier planet. So, let's 'root' for a greener future, one vegetable basket at a time. After all, peas and love are all we need!

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