Alphabet letter boxes

From A for 'Affection' to Z for 'Zealous search for those elusive keys!', the Alphabet range of letter boxes by Maron Bouillie is your companion in organizing the ins and outs of everyday life, letter by letter! Uncover the charm of these ingenious fabric pouches crafted in France, set to transform your sorting savvy, and enhance your storage finesse. Each letter signifies a bespoke item: 'L' harbors literature, 'T' hosts textiles, 'S' stands for the supreme solution, and 'W'—well, that's for the spirit of the weekend! Be enticed by our assortment of baskets, where organization unfurls one letter at a time, peppered with wit and a flair for fashion!

Add a colorful touch with a unique design to your home

In Paris, Maron Bouillie captured characters in bold and italics, , in small and large, along with words of every hue! She then, like a contemporary typographer, masterminded this eclectic Urban ABC. Each letter corresponds to a cube-shaped fabric box with a sturdy base, featuring two sides with printed letters and two sides with inscribed words, while the base brims with a bevy of tiny letters.

In the letter box A, Audacieuse, I collect Autographs!

In the letter box B, with my Binocles, I bluff, Blablabla! 

In the letter box C, a Child Crocodile Cooks Chocolate while Chanting a Comedy under a Comet! 

In the letter box W, 'Writer's Workshop', organize all your writing instruments and note pads to spark creativity.

It's up to you to engage with this quirky and whimsical urban poetry. Craft your messages using these products for every room in your home. Colorful, bold, and stylish, these storage solutions will seamlessly fit into your space. They're versatile: simply rotate the item for a new look! As fun decor, they turn organization into a genuine delight: 'P' for 'Puzzles', 'J' for 'Jokes' to conceal those wandering remote controls, and 'R' for 'Riotous laughter', because tidying up has never been so enjoyable.

Choose the perfect gift idea for everyone, child to granny

Discover unique alphabet boxes from Maron Bouillie, the ultimate source for inventive and personalized gift ideas that are as humorous as they are original. Each letter-themed box offers a creative and stylish way to celebrate special occasions and express thoughtfulness through custom picks and designs.

Birthday Celebrations: Celebrate Alicia’s birthday by giving her the 'A' box for 'Amazing Adaptable Accessory'. It's ideal for filling with her favorite trinkets or heartfelt handwritten notes, adding a personal touch of affection and care. For Bernard, who sports an impressive beard, the 'B' for 'Beautiful Bearded' box is the perfect choice. It elegantly holds his grooming essentials like combs and waxes, combining functionality with style.

Baby Shower Gifts: For a memorable baby shower, choose the 'S' for 'Stars' box, which will brighten up Sally’s nursery while keeping toys and teddy bears organized and within easy reach. It's not just a gift but a delightful addition to the nursery decor, making tidying up as dreamy as a starlit night.

Housewarming Parties: Make housewarming events for friends like Mia and James more engaging with an interactive alphabet game. Each guest contributes a letter, and the hosts have the fun challenge of deciphering a secret message intended for their new home—turning 'HOME' or 'FRIENDSHIP' into more than words, but meaningful memories created together.

Holiday Season: When Christmas rolls around, enhance the festive cheer with gifts that truly reflect the unique interests of your loved ones. For Michael, the family’s music lover, gift the 'M' for 'Musical Muse', a box that echoes his love for melodies. For Fanny, known for her love of botany, the 'F' for 'Flourishing Flora' is an excellent choice for storing decorative plants, intertwining practicality with her passion for greenery.

These alphabet products are not just gifts; they are a thoughtful expression of love, care, and understanding, making each occasion memorable and each recipient feel truly special. Perfect for any event, from birthdays to holiday gatherings, these boxes provide a unique way to organize, decorate, and celebrate.

How to integrate letter boxes into your interior?

Add some organizational magic with these unique alphabet letter baskets! Perfect for any room, from your living room to your bathroom, this product keep your essentials sorted and within reach. No more searching for small objects —they'll be right where you need them, ready for your next 'voilà' moment!

  • Entry Essentials: Add clarity to your entryway as the 'E' box keeps it clutter-free. Ideal for holding keys, cards, gloves, and leashes, it ensures everything is ready for you to grab and go.

  • Kitchen Keeper: The 'K' letter box enhances your culinary space by sorting vegetables and safeguarding spices, helping you maintain an organized and efficient kitchen.

  • Parental Peace: For a touch of tranquility, the 'P' container is perfect in bedrooms or study areas, neatly organizing glasses, earplugs, and your nighttime reading material.

  • Living Room Luxe: The 'L' holder transforms your living area into a hub of comfort and convenience, perfect for storing remotes, board games, and other entertainment essentials for a fun game night.

  • Orderly Office: Streamline your workspace with the 'O' letter box, specifically designed to wrangle cables, pens, and other office supplies, fostering a productive and organized environment.

  • Bathroom Buddy: Add neatness to your bathroom with the 'B' box, which neatly stores lotions, hair ties, razors, and toiletries, keeping your personal care items well-organized.

  • Child's Play: Turn chaos into order in children's rooms with the 'C' letter box, which is perfect for containing small toys and cherished playthings, making cleanup time quick and fun.

  • Suitcase System: The 'S' letter box brings order to travel, with smart compartments that make packing and organizing for trips a breeze, ensuring everything you need is neatly arranged and accessible.

These alphabetized storage solutions are more than just holders; they're a means to enhance your home's decor while solving storage dilemmas across every room. Ideal for gift-giving or personal use, these baskets spell out simplicity and style, making organization as easy as A-B-C.

Discover the advantages of fabric baskets:

This container is easy to maintain

Add these clever storage solutions to your routine; they are not only tough but also easy to maintain, staying new-looking even after numerous machine washes. They help streamline your household chores, offering a hassle-free way to keep your living space organized and tidy without any extra effort.

Lightweight and foldable product

These baskets fold and store with ease that would make a deck of cards jealous. Light and manageable, they move as easily as if your wishes were pushing them. A straightforward way to save space for a well-ordered home.

Manufacturing made in France

By choosing these storage baskets, you are nodding to French craftsmanship. Each object is printed in Tourcoing, where it dons its warm, colorful patterns. Then it is carefully assembled in Béthune, where seamstresses apply the final touches to these practical creations.

Sustainable fabric storage boxes

Your purchase goes green with these eco-responsible storage solutions: these baskets are made from recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles. The inside of the baskets is made with organic cotton. Both materials are woven in Charlieu, in Rhône-Alpes.

Say 'ABC' to clutter and 'XYZ' to style with our alphabet letter boxes! Perfect for gift-giving or spicing up your storage, these objects are your ticket to charmingly organized spaces. Who knew tidying up could be as easy as 'A, B, C'? Let your décor spell out fun and function, because with these creative solutions, organizing is just another way to express yourself!

A as in Aesthetics of storage, each basket a visual celebration, 

Where storage solutions speak louder than mere words.

B as in Beauty in boxes, enlivening the dullest of walls, 

Where designs swirl and colors boldly defy fading.

C as in Creativity hatched from a whimsical thought, 

Blending the unexpected with fabric, a carnival of bins and baskets.

D as in Durability, eco-friendly storage greener than ever, 

An eco-conscious choice surpassing standard solutions.

E as in Ecology, practical yet chic, not only for the elite, 

Charming and effective, winsome to all, from serious to silly.

F as in French craftsmanship esteemed, flaunts its heritage, 

Each petite basket, a delightful slice of tradition.

R as in Revolution in storage, where logic plays, 

Disarray stands aside, apologizing for past confusions.

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