Alphabet letter boxes

From A for 'Affection' to Z for 'Zealous search for those elusive keys!', the Alphabet range of storage baskets by Maron Bouillie is your companion in organizing the ins and outs of everyday life! Uncover the charm of these ingenious fabric pouches crafted in France, set to transform your sorting savvy, and enhance your storage finesse. Each letter signifies a bespoke item: 'L' harbors literature, 'T' hosts textiles, 'S' stands for the supreme solution, and 'W'—well, that's for the spirit of the weekend! Be enticed by our assortment of baskets, where organization unfurls one letter at a time, peppered with wit and a flair for fashion!

Bring a colorful touch with a unique design to your home

In Paris, Maron Bouillie captured characters in bold and italics, , in small and large, along with words of every hue! She then, like a contemporary typographer, masterminded this eclectic Urban ABC. Each letter corresponds to a cube-shaped fabric basket, featuring two sides with printed letters and two sides with inscribed words, while the base brims with a bevy of tiny letters.

In the letter box A, Audacieuse, I collect Autographs!

In the letter box B, with my Binocles, I bluff, Blablabla! 

In the letter box C, a Child Crocodile Cooks Chocolate while Chanting a Comedy under a Comet! 

It's up to you to engage with this quirky and whimsical urban poetry. Craft your messages using these products for every room in your home. Colorful, bold, and stylish, these storage solutions will seamlessly fit into your space. They're versatile: simply rotate the item for a new look! As fun decor, they turn organization into a genuine delight: 'P' for 'Puzzles', 'J' for 'Jokes' to conceal those wandering remote controls, and 'R' for 'Riotous laughter', because tidying up has never been so enjoyable.

A perfect gift idea for everyone, child to granny

Discover unique alphabet boxes: The perfect humorous and original gift ideas from Maron Bouillie.

Celebrating Alicia's birthday? Offer her with 'A' for 'Amazing Adaptable accessory'. Fill it with her favorite trinkets or handwritten notes to add an extra touch of care. Does Bernard sport a fine beard? Present him with 'B for Beautiful Bearded', the perfect holder for his combs and waxes.

For a baby shower? Offer the S for Stars' will twinkle in Sally’s nursery, safeguarding toys, and teddy bears.

Kickstart Mia and James's housewarming with an interactive game where each attendee contributes a letter. It's a fun challenge for the hosts to decipher the secret message—perhaps a cozy 'HOME' or a shared 'FRIENDSHIP'.

Come Christmas, let the season sparkle with tailor-made gifts that reflect your loved ones’ passions. Present Michael, the family's music enthusiast, with 'M for Musical Muse', mirroring his melodic vibe. For Fanny, the botanical wizard, opt 'F for Flourishing Flora' great for housing decorative plants.

How to integrate storage baskets into your interior?

Explore the magic of organization with these unique alphabet baskets! Perfect for any room, from your living room to your bathroom, they keep your essentials sorted and within reach. No more searching for small objects —they'll be right where you need them, ready for your next 'voilà' moment!

  • Entry Essentials: E case keep keys, cards, gloves and leashes in check.
  • Kitchen Keeper: K basket for sorting vegetables and safeguarding spices.
  • Parental Peace: P container sort glasses, earplugs, and night reads
  • Living Room Luxe: L holder use it for remotes and game night must-haves.
  • Orderly Office: O basket for wrangling cables and writing tools.
  • Bathroom Buddy: B box neatly stow lotions, hair ties, razors, and toiletries.
  • Child's Play: C basket for contain small toys and treasured playthings.
  • Suitcase System: S basket make traveling tidy with smart compartments.

Discover the advantages of fabric baskets:

This container is easy to maintain

These clever storage are tough, stay looking new wash after wash, and help make your chores easier without any extra hassle.

Lightweight and foldable items

These boxes are easy to fold and store, making them a convenient and space-saving solution for a tidy home. These items are as light and easy to handle as can be.

Manufacturing made in France

Choosing these basket supports French craftsmanship. these objects are printed in Tourcoing and assembled in Béthune, showcasing local talent.

Sustainable fabric storage boxes

This product is eco-friendly, made with recycled polyester from plastic bottles and lined with organic cotton, materials woven in Charlieu, Rhône-Alpes.

Say 'ABC' to clutter and 'XYZ' to style with our alphabet letter boxes! Perfect for gift-giving or spicing up your storage, these objects are your ticket to charmingly organized spaces. Who knew tidying up could be as easy as 'A, B, C'? Let your décor spell out fun and function, because with these creative solutions, organizing is just another way to express yourself!

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