Fabric basket for kitchen

Discover the colorful and functional world of Maron Bouillie fabric baskets. Perfect for a needed multitude of uses these baskets are not just storage solutions but also true decorative objects that bring a unique touch to your room.

Made in France with durable materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton, these decorative baskets feature unique prints that can be transformed according to your needs and desires. Whether used for keeping fresh fruits and vegetables, elegantly presenting your bread, or even as a fun planter, each piece is a creation that combines style, durability, and practicality.

Maron Bouillie: The Culinary Illusion!

Discover the unique charm of Maron Bouillie's trompe l'oeil baskets and fabric baskets, where each piece tells a little visual joke.

These baskets, impressively realistic, seem to defy the laws of nature by capturing the essence of fruits, vegetables, and breads, perfect pieces to brighten your day, all freshly picked by the artist during early morning trips to the market or garden.

These baskets, impressively realistic, seem to defy the laws of nature by delicately capturing the essence of fruits, vegetables, and breads, all freshly picked by the artist during early morning trips to the market or garden. Don't be surprised if you feel tempted to bite into a fabric tomato; the illusion is so perfect that it might just play tricks on you.

With a touch of poetry and a discreet wink, these canvas baskets are locally made, demonstrating meticulous attention to every detail. The artist transforms a simple ray of sunlight into a theatrical scene where fruits and vegetables become protagonists of narrative paintings. Under the lens of her camera, nature transforms, and a simple click is enough for these images to become fabric storage baskets that are waiting to awaken your curiosity and brighten your everyday life.

Let yourself be seduced by these fabric storage baskets, true trompe l'oeil that add a note of lightness and subtle humor to your decor. They perfectly illustrate how, sometimes, the best jokes are those that decorate.

The brand offers a wide range of models:

  • Tomatoes: Each model celebrates the richness of tomatoes, from vibrant reds to golden yellows. Strikingly realistic, these storage baskets bring a touch of warmth to your interior. An amusing anecdote: some customers have reported temporarily fooling their guests with these incredibly realistic fake fruits! Ideal for energizing your kitchen decor or as a centerpiece during summer barbecues.
  • Onions: These fabric item, adorned with onion patterns, merge aesthetics and functionality. They are designed to keep your onions and small shallots shaded and within reach, adding an authentic ambiance to your kitchen. According to an old tradition, onions were often stored in hanging bags to maintain their freshness, a tradition these baskets stylishly revisit.
  • Apples: These baskets are reminiscent of a visit to the orchard, highlighting the vibrant colors of various apple varieties. Beyond storage, they transform into a lively display of nature, perfect for a kitchen or dining room. Customers often mention using them as charming picnic baskets, adding a country touch to their outings.
  • Potatoes: With their rustic appearance, these storage basket protect your tubers from light while remaining stylish. They have even been used during a raclette evening by a client, serving as a decorative container for hot potatoes, directly on the dinner table.
  • Lettuce: The vibrant greenery of this basket transforms every salad into a visual masterpiece. It is perfect for presenting your dishes and salads at dinners or parties, adding vivacity and a festive air to your table.
  • Berries: These baskets capture the beauty of berries with an intensity that makes them a summer party essential. They are not only used for storing these delights but also for presenting them so appealingly that your guests will be enchanted.
  • Citrus: With flamboyant patterns of oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and clementines, these baskets are a festival of colors and vitamins. Perfect for brightening up your kitchen or dining room, they bring a touch of sunshine even on the gloomiest days.
  • Eggplants: With its tones of purple and green, this storage basket is often chosen to add an artistic note to table arrangements. Used at an outdoor cooking event, it served as the centerpiece, surrounded by Mediterranean dishes, evoking the shades of Provence.
  • Varied Bread Slices: These fabric bread baskets celebrate the diversity and richness of bread in all its forms. From slices of rustic whole bread to delicate loaves of white bread, each texture and shade is meticulously reproduced. This item is ideal for capturing the essence of a hearty breakfast or a sweet snack, offering a visual spectacle as comforting as fresh bread itself. Place your various types of bread in it during a brunch or use this fabric basket to showcase small bread rolls at a reception, turning the everyday into a special occasion.
  • French Baguette: Evoking the streets of Paris and the charm of a traditional French bakery, this storage basket printed with a baguette embodies elegance and simplicity. Designed to faithfully represent the baguette in all its golden, crusty glory, it adds a touch of French romance to your decor. Perfect for serving as a real decorative element in a kitchen or on a dining room table, this bread basket transforms the everyday baguette into an artistic centerpiece. Use this basket at your dinners to bring a theatrical note, or leave it in view in your kitchen as a constant reminder of the simple pleasure of well-made bread.

Maron Bouillie's varied collection of fabric baskets proves that storage should never be boring. From the crispy baguette to the juicy tomato, each model invites you to play trompe-l'oeil with a zest of humor and a good pinch of style. These storage baskets and bins are not just storage spaces but provocateurs of smiles, transforming every corner of your home into a scene where décor rhymes with fun and functionality. So, why settle for ordinary storage when you can brighten your everyday life with a bit of whimsy and a good dose of playfulness?

An uncommon gift idea!

Giving a new Maron Bouillie storage basket is like offering a charming wink wrapped in functionality. Imagine the delightful surprise of your friends discovering a little elegant 'French Baguette' fabric basket – a moment of delicious confusion before realizing that this baguette is meant to feed the spirit, not the stomach.

Consider the amused reaction when someone unwraps a 'Tomatoes' basket, perfect not for growing actual tomatoes, but for adding a touch of color and mischief to a living room or kitchen. Or the subtle satisfaction of giving an eternally green 'Lettuce', ideal for visually enhancing a space without ever needing water.

These gifts, both witty and elegant, whisper your understanding of the recipient's style and sense of humor with finesse. Choosing a decorative basket from the brand means offering a piece of lasting joy, which will seamlessly integrate into the living space of your loved ones, continuously reminding them of your refined and thoughtful gesture.

Explore the varied features of Maron Bouillie's fabric baskets!

Designed with a round shape, this elegant decorative basket measures 22 cm in diameter and can reach up to 26 cm in height. Its flexible format allows you to easily adjust it by folding or unfolding to precisely accommodate its contents. These home storage baskets are reversible, offering a change of view by allowing you to switch between the vibrant print and its contents. Through these original creations, the brand offers you a different perspective on everyday life. Store, organize, and decorate your interior with these multi-purpose containers.

  • Presentation of fresh fruits and vegetables: Employ the baskets to elegantly display your seasonal vegetables and fruits. Once filled with an attractive arrangement, simply place it on a table or countertop. This instantly transforms the way fresh produce is presented, making it accessible and visually appealing during parties, buffets, or simply as a decorative element in your kitchen.

  • Bread and pastry basket: Perfect for keeping your bread and croissants warm during family breakfasts or get-togethers with friends. This fabric basket will help maintain the freshness of these delicacies.

  • Fabric storage: Optimize the storage of your fruits and vegetables away from light and moisture by placing them in these baskets. Their reversible design allows alternating between a decorative aesthetic and a more functional surface for food contact.

  • Home organization: Use these storage baskets to organize scattered small items in your home, such as keys, remote controls, or small toys. Their shape flexibility helps to adapt them according to the volume of the items to be stored.

  • Interior decoration: As decorative elements, these fabric storage baskets add a touch of originality to your decor. Place them on a table, a shelf, or in the entrance to brighten the space with their vibrant colors and fun patterns.

  • Original gift wrapping: Use these storage baskets as a creative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping. Not only will they beautify your present, but they also serve as an additional reusable gift.

  • Alternative flower pot: Insert a pot inside the basket to arrange plants or aromatic herbs. This adds an aesthetic dimension while maintaining the practicality of a classic pot.

  • Picnic organizer: Take them along on your outdoor outings. They are ideal for transporting and organizing your food, cutlery, and napkins, while adding an aesthetic touch to your picnic.

  • Table arrangement for parties: Use these baskets to create attractive table centers during dinners or receptions, filling them with floral compositions, fruits, or seasonal decorations.

About Manufacturing

Choose quality made-in-France products

Bring a breath of fresh air and a pinch of humor to your kitchen with our 'made in France' fabric basket. Printed in Tourcoing and carefully assembled in Béthune, each product is the result of meticulous craftsmanship performed by passionate and experienced artisans. Practical for storage, but also elegant enough to serve as a decorative piece, this storage basket is simply waiting to hold your gourmet purchases or be placed under the spotlight to beautify your interior. Proudly 'Made in France', it is ready to add a touch of French charm to kitchens around the world, without requiring a significant investment – say goodbye to extravagant expenses on plane tickets for an international touch in your décor! This basket is not just a container; it's an ambassador of French craftsmanship and style, ready to transform your culinary space.

Choose an eco-fFriendly storage basket

Looking for a true storage superstar for your kitchen, excelling in both style and functionality? Look no further! Your purchase of our eco-friendly fabric storage baskets supports environmental sustainability while providing vigilant guardianship of your seasonal vegetables and fruits. The outer fabric is made from recycled polyester, sourced directly from plastic bottles. The lining, the inner fabric, is made of organic cotton, ensuring impeccable food safety. Durable, these cotton-lined fabric storage options are perfectly suited to withstand the daily demands of your culinary activity. These high-quality products, made to last, symbolize the ideal union between visual beauty, health safety, local commitment, and sustainability.

Machine Washable

Furthermore, this fabric storage loves taking baths. Crafted from resilient materials, these baskets are designed to endure, ready to cope with tomato sauce spills and resist orange juice stains. You'll be pleased to know that cleaning this product is a breeze: a simple run through the washing machine is enough to make it look new again, ready to embrace new culinary and decorative adventures. It truly is a dream come true for those seeking a hassle-free storage solution.

In conclusion, Maron Bouillie's fabric baskets and bins weave a daily poem where function meets fantasy. These marvels of multifunctionality do not merely hold your essentials; they wrap them in a cocoon of color and creativity. Each storage basket is an invitation to rediscover the simple pleasures of life, transforming ordinary tasks into moments of pure aesthetic delight. Whether it's to animate a corner of your home, perfect your party table, or simply organize your world, choosing a fabric basket from the brand is to choose to sow poetry and love in the garden of your daily life.

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