Use our french design book sleeve covers

Immerse yourself in the elegant and functional world of our pocket-sized book covers, meticulously crafted in France to accompany readers on their literary journeys — whether lounging at home or while on the move. Our covers sleeve artfully blend practicality with style, turning each piece into a true personal gem. Discover how Maron Bouillie captures the essence of French culture with her artistic flair and attention to detail, bringing each book cover to life with unique designs. Whether you seek the perfect original gift or wish to enhance your own collection, our book protectors offer enduring protection and add a touch of beauty to every page of your story. Step into our workshop, where traditional craftsmanship meets creative innovation to protect and adorn your cherished books.

Discover our exclusive collections of unique fabric book protectors

Printed with the artist's photos, our collection features a diverse range of designs tailored to every taste and preference. These unique images transform your book into a secret, treasured, and personal artifact. Opting for one of our book covers means choosing a touch of originality while maintaining the privacy of your reading material. These book protector are the perfect gift for avid readers who value their collection as much as their style.

Experience the charm of our floral book jacket covers, bursting with character. Throughout the seasons, from one garden to another, Maron Bouillie has concentrated on the allure of flowers, capturing these delicate moments to charm you!

Each sleeve book cover is adorned with a collage of letters and words plucked from Paris. Maron Bouillie has created this items by photographing urban typography, as a parisian alphabet.

Transporting you to the quaint charm of historical Paris with each page turn, these unique book protector are made from photographs of Paris' storefronts, bringing the spirit of French shop right to your fingertips.

Experience the advantages of a book cover

Perfectly sized for portability

Snug as a beret on a Parisian, our 'livre de poche' pocket size book covers stretch to fit any tome, thick or thin. Plus, with a built-in cotton bookmark cord you'll pick up right where you left off – no dog-eared pages allowed here!

Protect your books with made in France eco-friendly design

Crafted from premium, enduring materials, our high-quality protection offers your literature a robust shield from damage. The exterior material is comprised of recycled polyester, sourced from plastic bottles, while the interior is lined with organic cotton.

Entirely produced in France, the high white fabric originates from Charlieu (Rhône-Alpes) and later travels to Tourcoing to be infused with its seasonal hues. Adorned with striking photographs, each item is meticulously stitched in Arras by expert hands, transforming into a guardian for your tomes.

This book cover is machine washable for longevity

Created for the library who've been through it all – coffee spills, raindrops, our pouches laughs in the face of danger (and clumsiness). This covers is so durable that it'll stick by your stories longer than some of the characters last in mystery novels. And when life gets messy, just pop it in the washer and – voilà! – this book cover comes out cleaner than a detective's new clue, ready for the next chapter of literary adventures. This isn't just a Book Jacket Covers ; it's the superhero cape your literature didn't know they needed.

A unique and personalized gift idea, great!

Searching for a gift that blends elegance, originality, and a touch of magic? Our book sleeves are precisely what you need to answer your gift-giving conundrums! Gifting one of our fabric book protectors is akin to bestowing a tiny superhero that vigilantly guards your loved ones’ most treasured asset— their favorite book. Envision their delight and astonishment upon finding out that their book cannot only be shielded from daily threats but can also be transformed into a captivating fashion statement. Whether it’s for your detective novel-enthusiast great aunt or your poetry-loving best friend, our covers not only secure the book but also ensure style points, making reading on the subway as fashionable as in a Parisian literary salon. Opt for one of our exclusive designs and get ready to be celebrated for your flawless and incredibly chic gift choice. And who knows? Perhaps the next bestseller they delve into will be inspired by their new 'haute couture' accessory!

Think of our protective book as the ultimate wardrobe for your fiction. Just as you wouldn't step out in a blizzard without a coat, why would you expose your precious pages to the elements? Our book covers are the cashmere sweaters for your novels, the raincoats for your biographies, and the bespoke suits for your anthologies. So go ahead, dress up each title on your shelf with the look it deserves.

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