Paris vintage home decor

Create a beautiful and unique atmosphere in your home with Maron Bouillie's Paris-inspired decor items. Her interior designs bring the spirit of this place into your space, reflecting its energy and history. As seasons change, Maron captures the city's fleeting beauty to craft decorations that embody the charm and character of streets, from the heights of Montmartre to the banks of the Seine, even catching glimpses of the Eiffel Tower. With Maron Bouillie's products, your home becomes a reflection of the vibrant and ever-surprising City of Light.

A French brand of photo design

Maron Bouillie offers you a slice of Parisians life through her distinctive and appealing works. Each piece is adorned with photographic prints, a testament to the designer's modern vision of her city. Carefully and passionately, she selects exclusive photos that encapsulate the spirit of Paris - its textures, hues, and the luminosity that dances across cobblestones and historic rooftops. More than mere accessories, these creations invite you to embrace and share in the Parisian way of life with items that are timeless and transcend geography. Choosing Maron Bouillie's work is choosing to preserve the enchantment of the french capital and its storied avenues, wherever you may be. Whether you are looking for souvenirs or gifting a piece of the city's narrative, Maron Bouillie delivers a touch of this romantic city.

Parisian decor Cushion

Maron Bouillie's Paname cushions offer a touch of both coziness and vintage flair, perfect for enhancing your living space. Designed to bring both comfort and style to your couch, these cushions capture the unique charm of Paris. Adorned with photos of picturesque, traditional shopfronts, each cushion invites you into a world of nostalgic elegance.

As you sink into their softness, allow these cushions to whisk you away to the days of quaint Parisian markets. Imagine resting against a snapshot of "Au petit Versailles," famed for its delectable chocolates and macarons, or visualizing yourself sipping coffee at the iconic green color "Petit fer à cheval" café in the bustling Marais district. These cushions don't just add to your room's aesthetic; they transport you to the storied streets of the city of love, adding a historical and cultural narrative to your home's decor.

Use french style baskets 

Maron Bouillie's unique storage basket are the ideal solution for tidying and beautifying any room in your home. Shaped like the charming boutiques they depict, these cubic organizers are portals to a world of great recollections. Look at the box and feel the rich aromas of freshly brewed coffee, hear the gentle tinkle of shop doorbells, enjoy the plush comfort of velvet seating, and taste the sweet nostalgia of childhood confections.

Designed to mirror specific Parisian shops, each box echoes the elegant Saint-Germain-des-Prés book shops and the creative spirit of the Papeterie du Marais. These boxes not only streamline your space but also infuse it with the aesthetic harmony and storied tradition of Parisian culture.

Souvenir gifts from Paris

Bring home the enchantment of the French capital with Parisian souvenir gifts that encapsulate the city's distinct blend of historic grandeur and chic modernity

Add chic parisian style with authentic made-in-France accent

Maron Bouillie's dedication to French craftsmanship and environmental responsibility shines through in every aspect of her decoration line. Each product is a testament to meticulous local production, proudly 'Made in France'. The journey from design to finished item respects eco-friendly practices, ensuring a smaller carbon footprint.

The entire manufacturing process, from the weaving of the textiles to the final stitches, occurs within France's borders, supporting local artisans and economies. Quality and sustainability go hand in hand, as Maron Bouillie selects materials that have minimal environmental impact. The vibrant printed fabrics come to life using recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles, turning waste into beauty. Meanwhile, the interiors are lined with organic cotton, providing a natural and safe touch.

This commitment not only delivers superior french home decor items that enhance any space with Parisian flair but also ensures that each article contributes to a healthier planet. With Maron Bouillie, you're not just decorating your home; you're investing in a piece of art that cares for the earth as much as you do.

Find functional elegance in our Parisian home decor

For those who appreciate practical elegance, Maron Bouillie's Paris decorations collection is an indispensable choice, offering goods that perfectly balance beauty and functionality.

  • Machine Washable: Our pieces withstand life's demands with grace. Each is designed to endure, retaining its alluring aesthetic even with regular laundering.
  • Foldable: Versatility is key in our fabric-crafted creations. Whether you need to save space or transport them, they can be folded and stored with ease.
  • Lightweight: Perfect for travelers, our lightweight creations slip into your baggage without tipping the scales.

Enjoy the french allure in your everyday surroundings with Paris home decor that marries the city's inherent beauty with practicality. Each French Parisian souvenir is an authentic treasure, offering functionality and a one-of-a-kind charm that elevates your day-to-day living.

In the realm of decoration, Maron Bouillie's creations are a poignant homage to the Parisian spirit. With a deft touch, she intertwines elegance with function, each product a manifestation of Paris's heart and soul. Her designs do more than just decorate—they invite a sense of this town into your house, etching the city’s rich tapestry into your everyday life. Her dedication to craft and detail ensures that the essence of the french capital, with its blend of history, romance, and sophistication, lingers in homes far and wide, long after the memories of strolling along the Seine have faded.

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