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Visit the retro Paris of Maron Bouillie with these tote bags filled with stories. Wander through the alleys of memories with these unique bags where each detail is a whisper from the past. On one side, a captivating print of an old shop welcomes you, a window to a bygone era. Turn the bag and suddenly, you enter the intimacy of a shop that has withstood the test of time. These pieces are not just accessories; they are invitations to an adventure where every walk becomes a poetic and unique exploration of old Paris. Stroll through this urban odyssey, where history and style meet with charm and cleverness. Each bag in our collection offers a captivating color palette, reflecting the brilliance and diversity of Paris

Maron Bouillie creates novelties with old stores!

The Parisian designer knows the smallest secrets of the capital, as if she had sewn every corner of the street. Wearing her inseparable walking shoes and armed with her faithful camera, she roams Paris from sunrise to sunset. Every cobblestone, every bridge, every stairway becomes a source of inspiration for her in this historic, vibrant, and eternally charming metropolis. The City of Light, her favorite muse, is full of hidden treasures just waiting to be revealed. And what better way to capture the essence of these discoveries than to create reusable vintage tote bags? Unique pieces, printed with the photographs of our explorer, which are not only practical but truly imbued with the Parisian spirit. Each tote bag Parisis a narrative, a memory of a timeless and authentic France to cherish.

Still active a few years ago, some of these shops are now closed. Bakery, haberdashery, bookstore, hardware store, dairy... each sign tells its past, each facade retains the scent of a bygone era. These storefronts, with their retro signs and history-laden interiors, are more than just a curiosity: they are the beating heart of the French capital that resists oblivion. Our products capture this magic, the magic of a café once frequented by thinkers and poets, of a bakery whose bread and croissants have fed generations, of the haberdashery where every thread and button have helped to sew the dreams of women. Come discover these places where time seems to have stopped, and let yourself be transported into a vibrant and colorful past of France.

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Guaranteed immersion in the picturesque world of the Paname design signed Maron Bouillie. Each handbag is a journey in itself, opening the doors to an old French shop. On the front, admire the facade: each "boutique" shopping bagtransforms into a postcard, awakening nostalgia with an exquisite storefront. Turn the bag and, as if by magic, discover the interior where the past and present blend in a remarkable encounter. Perhaps you'll make a surprise stop at an antique dealer or a baker from yesteryear! Savor the detailed finishes, from meticulous prints on the handles to the underside of the bag, where Parisian cobblestones are represented with artistic precision. Use this accessory of bright colors, and you will also carry the versatile and seductive spirit of the capital of love on your shoulder.

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Made from polyester canvas, this item is a solid companion in daily life. Its cotton lining enhances its durability, making it perfect for all kinds of activities. Suited for various functions, it maintains excellent shape, regardless of its content. Equipped with an interior pocket for small items and machine washable, this canvas tote bag combines comfort and Parisian charm, meeting all your needs with elegance.

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This canvas tote bag, your faithful ally, will perfectly adapt to your urban walks or weekend getaways. It is designed to accommodate both your laptop and important documents, as well as your spontaneous purchases, all without ever losing convenience. Let yourself be charmed by our exclusive collection, such as the attractive "Boulangerie 28" in soothing shades of blue, or the casual "Café Au Petit Fer à Cheval", bursting with spring green. Each model promises perfect harmony with your wardrobe, enhancing your style in an elegant and functional way.

This collection of bags does not merely serve to carry your belongings with elegance; it tells a story, that of the City of Light, resonating with the timeless tales of Paris. When you carry one of these handbags, you embrace more than just a daily utility: you carry a fragment of the Parisian soul, enriching every moment of your active life with a piece of its cultural heritage.

Each shopping bag acts not just as a vessel for your items, but as an ambassador of Parisian history and art. As you stroll through your day with one of these bags slung over your shoulder, you're not only carrying a high-quality accessory built to last, but also a narrative steeped in the rich tapestry of Parisian life. The subtle details, the painstakingly selected materials, and the dedication to craftsmanship all serve to bring a little part of Paris into your everyday experiences.

Whether it’s the vibrant streets depicted on the exteriors or the hidden gems tucked away within the interiors, each element has been thoughtfully considered to evoke the essence of Paris. By choosing to use these canvas tote bags, you connect with the artistic expression and romantic spirit famed by this historic city. It’s an everyday choice that stands as a testament to your appreciation for beauty and narrative, set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most enchanting cities.

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