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Adopt the large vegetable market bags from Maron Bouillie! Big brothers of the brand's famous vegetable bags, they are printed with photos of vegetables in rows or bunches. Colorful and freshly harvested by the market gardener; the vegetables were selected by the photographer's eye to be sublimated on these designer tote. Thus, carrots in their most beautiful costume and beets in their seasonal dress, parade on this selection of original market tote. Bright radishes and charming turnips, proudly pose on these fabric bags made in France. Let yourself be seduced by this timeless vegetable collection! Also, these large tote bags have more than one trick up their sleeve! First of all, they have a gusset for more capacity, they have a size of 48 x 36 x 6 cm. Next up are recycled canvas tote, made from recycled polyester. Finally, they are machine washable, I promise they will keep their freshness! Foodies take note: don’t devour these market tote bags at first sight! Here's a useful gift idea for every day. You will love them!

Explore our new collection of canvas shopping bags: originality and quality combined!

Dive into the remarkable world of vegetable tote crafted by Maron Bouillie in Paris! Inspired by vegetables and overflowing with creativity, these natural accessories have truly taken root. Each plant variety, carefully harvested and then photographed by the designer, proudly parades on the fabric of these tote bags. Experience a vibrant collection distinguished by its colorful diversity, designed to dazzle at any market. Choose these market bags, distinctive pieces to transport with pride!

The brand offers an expansive range of models:

  • Beets - This timeless model is crafted for year-round use, thanks to its durability and elegance. Its rich, deep color adds a sophisticated touch to any outfit, making this classic market tote a versatile essential.

Discover the benefits of beets, rich in beta-carotene (vitamin A), crucial for maintaining healthy skin, bones, and vision. Whether raw, grated, or diced, beets charm with their gentle flavor and crunchy texture. When enhanced with raspberry vinegar, they release a delightful taste.

  • Multicolored Beets - This exceptional product invites you to express your style creatively. Its vivid color and distinctive design make it the ideal accessory to add joy to your daily attire while providing ample space for all your essentials.

Savor the various types of beets: Chioggia with its stunning stripes, Crapaudine known for its superior flavor, and Burpee's Golden, noted for its remarkable golden hue.

  • Carrots - Incorporating this bright orange market bag into your wardrobe means selecting an accessory that blends functionality with fashion. Its striking design will draw attention, while its spaciousness ensures you can carry all your essentials.

The carrot is gentle on the taste buds and beneficial for vision, hair, and skin, thanks to its rich content of vitamins B, C, E, and beta-carotene, a potent antioxidant that protects cells and aids in skin regeneration.

  • Multicolored Carrots - Utilize this accessory to perfectly complement your outfits with its rainbow hues. Not only does it make a bold fashion statement, but its sturdy construction also makes it an eco-conscious choice for your shopping and various activities.

Heirloom varieties feature purple, white, and yellow carrots, adding a splash of color to your meals.

  • June Vegetables - Offer this market bag in shades of green and purple to your style-conscious friends for your shopping excursions, and stand out together. Its large capacity is ideal for hauling everything from your purchase discoveries to everyday necessities, adding a touch of freshness to every occasion.
  • Winter Radishes - Fall in love with this design, which symbolizes freshness with its soft and cool patterns. Ideal for winter, this tote brings intriguing contrasts to your collection while offering plenty of room for your essentials.

Bold sizes and contrasts with varieties like Black Radish, Daikon, Chinese Red, and Autumn Blue—ensuring freshness with these vegetables, which are rich in B vitamins necessary for energy and nerve health, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, beneficial for bone and muscle health.

  • Turnips - This innovative design continues to refresh and reinvent your fashion collection. Its unique tint and fresh style make it a conversation-starter, perfect for stylishly hauling your groceries or daily necessities.

Guaranteed freshness with these novel vegetables, rich in B vitamins vital for energy and nerve health, and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, important for bone and muscle health.

Each tote in our collection is designed to merge aesthetics with functionality, making each product an excellent choice for those looking to infuse originality and durability into their daily life.

Discover the many uses of these exceptional market totes!

  • Love your zero-waste shopping, keeping your leeks and carrots perfectly organized.

  • At home, these item transform into exceptional decorative elements. Positioned in the kitchen, they serve as perfect storage solutions, adding a splash of color and pattern to your interior.

  • Ideal for your little excursions to the vegetable garden, these market bag allow you to pick zucchini with chic. With Maron Bouillie’s creations, cultivate both your garden and your daily life with a blend of elegance and functionality.

  • Whether it's a day at the beach or by the pool, these tote bags are versatile; they adapt seamlessly to all your needs.

  • Foldable and lightweight, this shopping bag is discreet—making it the dream accessory for any spontaneous shopper.

  • Create a unique gift by offering a personalized creation filled with surprises; a gesture sure to evoke joy and admiration. It’s an innovative and eco-friendly option for gift wrapping.

In essence, these items transcend their primary function as mere carriers of vegetables. They embody a philosophy and, frankly, are probably the best way to show your vegetables how much you appreciate them – even if it's just before enjoying them.

Opt for eco-responsible shopping with our selection of sustainable products!

These vegetable tote offer more than just carrying capacity! Every step of their production, from weaving to assembly, occurs in France. To help conserve resources, they are crafted from recycled polyester. Additionally, these reusable grocery bags are easy to maintain as they are machine washable.

Offer a 100% Made-in-France item

Dive into the world of the vegetarian tote bag—much more than a simple vessel for hauling your kale! Crafted with a commitment to quality and French craftsmanship, each phase of its production is an ode to local artisanry. The material is meticulously woven in the Rhône-Alpes region before being sent to Tourcoing to receive its distinctive colors. Then, adorned with vibrant patterns that celebrate plants, it is expertly assembled by skilled Parisian seamstresses. This shopping bag represents the perfect fusion of functionality, aesthetics, and ethical production practices.

Use a durable market bag

Discover our range of market tote made from recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles, embodying the flawless blend of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Selected for its exceptional durability, this raw material ensures our products boast remarkable longevity. By choosing one of our canvas tote, you do much more than just carry your groceries or vegetables; you embrace a zero-waste lifestyle, actively contributing to the protection of our planet. Opt for our foldable shopping bags—beyond their practical function, they symbolize a daily commitment to a greener future.

Enjoy a practical and reusable grocery bag for your shopping

More than just a robust accessory, this elegant market bag is distinguished by its ability to withstand machine washing without losing its quality. Regardless of how many times it goes through the wash, it emerges bright and strong, ready for new challenges. Its exceptional durability ensures it maintains its original appearance, use after use, without compromising its unique style.

Embrace an eco-responsible, vibrant, and colorful life with our collection of market bags adorned with vegetable pattern! Perfect for transporting your purchases from the Farmer's Market or transporting fruits and vegetables from the garden, the Maron Bouillie brand offers you shopping tote that blend practicality with unique natural elegance. Whether displayed as a decorative item in your home kitchen or proudly on your shoulder, they add a touch of freshness and style to your everyday routine.

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