Flower bag

Indulge yourself to spring in the hand with the Maron Bouillie floral ideas.

Adorn yourself with blooming personality and a dash of whimsy with our exclusive range of flower bags. These pieces aren't merely for toting your treasures; they're the petals to your personal style, seamlessly integrating into the garden of your wardrobe. These tote don't just infuse your look with color—they turn heads and spread smiles like a sunflower on a sunny day. So come on, dig into our collection and let every floral bag you sling over your shoulder be a statement that says you're both elegant and a little cheeky—because life's too short for boring accessories! After all, looking great is no floral accident! Let yourself be seduced.

Happiness is a delicate flower!

Discover our collection of designer floral tote

accessories and more like portable gardens. Through the designer's lens, each one captures the soul of a bloom, making floral elegance eternal and as catchy as your favorite song. Be ready to be swept off your feet by patterns so poetic and cozy, it whispers sonnets in your ear.

Watch as your style blossoms with nature totes that host a gala of sparkling Anemones, roses so dapper they should wear a bow tie, and Lotuses that could outshine luxury yachts. Not to be outdone, the Dahlias are so brilliant, they need sunglasses, Irises that could win the charm award, and Cherry Blossoms so celestial they're practically star-studded.

To intrigue and flirt with your fashion sense, Maron Bouillie create unique designs that capture these sensitive moments—a flirtatious wink to any ensemble that could use a dash of Mother Nature's finest. And remember, where there's a willow, there's a sway!

Require a made in france product

For a touch of French flair in your carry-on, our color tote have it all – stitched together in France with nothing but skill and a sprinkle of je ne sais quoi. From the threads to the seams, these product are full of Gallic charm, ready to add a little 'ooh la la' to your day!

Say it with flowers! Offer a sustainable gift

Gift a bloom that never fades with our sustainable item, made with high quality fabric. These handbags are printed on recycled polyester (that's right, the material is repurposed plastic bottles) woven right in the heart of France. 

These 100% reusable tote are as sturdy as they are stylish, guaranteeing a present that keeps on giving. So, why settle for just a bouquet when you can offer an entire garden that travels alongside them for all their adventures? With our creations, you're not just giving a gift; you're planting a seed of joy and sustainable fashion that will grow every time they step out the door.

Accessorizing with Florals: choose an Essential item

These product are not just a feast for the eyes; they are ingeniously designed to cater to your practical needs. With a generous size of 40 x 36 cm and featuring a 6 cm gusset, these fabric tote expand to accommodate all your belongings, from daily essentials to unexpected finds. Whether you're planning a day at the office, a leisurely picnic, or a shopping spree, these articles will be your trusty companion, ensuring you never have to leave anything behind with they prefect size.

Maron Bouillie creates botanical bags that bloom all year round and never need watering! The great news is that these items are machine washable too, so they'll stay as fresh as a daisy, no matter how many times you take them out for a spin. Forget wilting petals; the color print on these piece will keep turning heads with its enduring vibrancy. So, go ahead and add a splash of perennial charm to your wardrobe — these design handbags have got spunk and staying power in spades!

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