Sustainable Home decoration

Sort, Select, Organize?

Embrace the printed decor Boxes! Alphabet storage boxes, fruit and vegetable baskets, Paris retro shop themed boxes; colorful and varied, there's something for every room in the home. So, don't put everything in the same basket!

Present, Arrange, Display?

Choose the fabric baskets! They are fresh and fruity, ideal for keeping your bread or fruits fresh and charming your guests.

Preserve,Line Up, Store?

Gift your kitchen storage bags, your aromatic herbs wall pouches, and your shopping produce bags! And voila, it’s in the bag!

Decorate, Nest, Comfort?

Dress up your interior with the colorful cushion covers! Dream in the sweet words from the alphabet collection. Travel through the retro Paris shops…

With Maron Bouillie, organizing becomes a game!

An Uncommon Gift Idea!

Discover Maron Bouillie's storage boxes, perfect for those seeking a unique gift. Made in France, these colorful items combine functionality and aesthetics, adding an artistic touch.

For Art and Decor Lovers

Our storage baskets and customized cushions capture the artistic essence of everyday life, offering style and originality.

For a Useful, Practical, and Versatile Gift

These multifunctional storage boxes, perfect for all household uses, make each gift both personal and useful.

For the Eco-Conscious

Opt for our eco-friendly fabric storage boxes, made from recycled materials and designed to last, reflecting our commitment to a greener future.

For a Souvenir of Paris

The Paris-inspired designs add a romantic and cultural touch, ideal for lovers of French culture.

In summary, if you are looking to give something special, Maron Bouillie's creations represent the perfect choice. They are ideal for impressing with taste and originality, proving that even the most practical gifts can be unique and memorable.

Discover our collections of storage boxes and decorative accessories

These items are printed on all sides with the artist's photographs. Whether you're looking for a practical alternative to organize your belongings or a decorative accessory to enhance your interior, Maron Bouillie offers a wide selection of models to organize with style.

Literature enthusiasts, fans of alphabetical decor, or word artists, you will love this collection! Start by organizing your items from A to Z with our fabric storage boxes. Then, let your heart speak with the alphabet cushions. In short, there are no limits! Watch for puns with the cushions or the mix-up of storage boxes, here, anything is possible! Let your imagination wander, change letters, adjust the orientation. Whether it's on your sofa or on your shelves, this playful alphabet brings a note of fun and original poetry to your everyday life.

This season, invite the vibrancy of vegetables into your kitchen! Revitalize your decor with these colorful kitchen storage solutions. Eggplants and squash adorn our decorative bags, while apples and pears reveal their charms on our fabric storage boxes. Carrots and radishes line up elegantly on our wall pouches, and basil and mint bring a touch of freshness to our aromatic pouches. Potatoes and tomatoes find their rest in our charming canvas baskets. This dazzling carnival of fruits and vegetables, printed on both practical and aesthetic storage boxes, promises to invigorate your kitchen decor. Adopt them for a touch of color and creativity, while supporting a local and zero-waste lifestyle thanks to their ecological and entirely French design.

Give your kitchen flair with Maron Bouillie's designer bread baskets. These fabric storage baskets, adorned with trompe-l'oeil prints, will surely captivate your guests. Undecided? Go for the design of varied slices or be tempted by the golden baguette, which are nods to the meticulous work of the artisan baker. These items are not only charming and sources of smiles, but they are also extremely practical and versatile. Ideal for presenting and keeping your bread fresh, they are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and easy maintenance. Thanks to their clever drawstring closure system, your bread stays fresh longer. With these storage boxes, style meets functionality!

Discover the charm of yesteryear with the Paris retro-style Collection. Stroll through the Parisian streets, from the bakery to the café, each storefront inviting you to rediscover the beauty of traditional shops.

Printed on all their sides, our fabric storage boxes are perfect for organizing your belongings (keys, cables, children's toys, etc.) throughout the house. Their cubic shape allows you to visit these picturesque shops without leaving your home. These decorative storage boxes are also Paris souvenir gifts, practical and durable, they fold and wash easily in the machine.

Beautify your space with photographs of the City of Light! Maron Bouillie's Retro Paris cushion covers, adorned with photos, add a distinct vintage touch to your interior. Made in France, these printed cushions are not only beautiful decorations but also memorable gift ideas. Easy to maintain, they are removable and effortlessly washable in the machine.

Naturally, select the wood-print storage boxes offered by Maron Bouillie. Printed on both sides and on all faces with wood photographs, these fabric baskets are reversible. Trompe l'oeil, in a playful twist, the designer merges images and reality. Add a touch of poetry to your living space!

These decorative storage boxes are assembled randomly, ensuring that each piece is unique. From one side to the other, follow the grain of this beautiful material, like in a storybook. Ideal for storing your belongings, from the basement to the attic, they provide a perfect space for small objects, cables, toys, or even clothespins.

Advantages and Uses of Fabric Storage Accessories

Explore the benefits of our decorative products and storage boxes to stylishly beautify every room in the house.


Our storage boxes adapt to all interiors, from the living room to the bathroom, keeping your everyday items organized and within reach.

  • In the Bedroom - Ideal for maintaining order and beauty in your personal space, our fabric boxes help you sort socks by color or type, while providing a dedicated spot for your glasses and other small accessories. Placed on a dresser or in a drawer, they add a decorative touch while simplifying your daily routines.
  • In the Living Room - Our fabric storage boxes are perfect for elegantly hiding board games like dominoes or a Tarot set by the fireplace. They allow you to keep these entertainment items handy while maintaining the aesthetics of your living room.
  • In the Office - Organizing cables, USB keys, and small supplies becomes a breeze with our storage accessories. Avoid clutter on your desk by assigning each group of items its own basket or storage box, thus facilitating access and management of your workspace.
  • In the Kitchen - Use our storage boxes to store onions, lemons, or other small ingredients. They are also ideal for organizing your recipes or coupons, keeping them handy and well-ordered. Their attractive design also makes them perfect as countertop decor.
  • In the Children's Room - Toys, coloring books, and small clothing can all be sorted and organized with our fabric storage baskets. This helps maintain a clean and orderly space, essential for a functional and pleasant children's room.
  • In the Bathroom - Our storage boxes are perfect for grouping your beauty products, hairstyling items, and other small bathroom objects. They facilitate access to these daily necessities while keeping a clean and clutter-free countertop.

Lightness and Folding Capability

This lightweight storage box is easy to handle and move. It is ideal for altering decor as per your needs. Compact and foldable, it minimizes clutter and maximizes organization.

Ease of Maintenance

This storage box is machine washable, ensuring it maintains its luster. Easy to care for, our creations are designed to last and will simplify your life.

How to Organize Interior Decoration with Our Cushions

Discover how to integrate our selection of original cushions into your home decor to bring friendliness and warmth. These products naturally move from the living room to the children's bedroom, creating a welcoming atmosphere in each space.

  • A for Love - In the children's room, our playful cushions offer a soft and warm setting, perfect for moments of family closeness.
  • In the living room reading corner The "Librairie Au pont traversé" cushion is suitable for relaxation and reading, inviting calm and relaxation.
  • P for Laziness - Our cushions encourage rest and relaxation moments, welcoming deserved breaks throughout the day.
  • On a kitchen bench - The "Confiserie Boulangerie du Moulin de la Galette" cushion adds a note of sociability and indulgence, perfect for shared family moments.
  • M for Meditation - Our cushions fit into rest corners, accompanying meditation moments with a serene and soothing ambiance.
  • Sitting on an office chair - The "ZUT! Antiquités industrielles" cushion injects a vintage and inspiring touch, ideal for stimulating reflection and creativity.
  • S for Memories - Companions for evenings around the fire, our cushions witness precious moments and shared memories, enriching your interior with a warm and memorable atmosphere.

This letter-based approach helps to visualize specific scenarios and to associate each cushion with its dedicated utility and ambiance, reinforcing their essential character in every room of the house.

About Manufacturing and Maintenance

Bring a breath of fresh air and a pinch of humor into your home with our boxes and canvas items woven in the Rhône-Alpes region. Printed and carefully assembled in the north, each product is crafted with meticulous attention by passionate artisans.

Our storage baskets and cushion covers are made from eco-responsible fabrics. The outer fabric is made of recycled polyester, derived from transformed plastic bottles, and the lining is made of organic cotton. Sturdy and suited to the demands of daily culinary life, these high-quality products represent the perfect balance between aesthetics, health and well-being, local commitment, and durability.

Machine Washable

Our decorative products and fabric storage boxes are designed for frequent washing. Ready to handle little accidents like spills or juice stains, they are extremely easy to clean: a simple machine wash is enough to make them impeccable.

So, are you ready to spice up your daily life with a touch of French creativity? The designer transforms simple necessities into artistic and ecological objects of desire. From the kitchen to the living room, our storage accessories and decorative boxes are not just practical; they are conversations in themselves, inviting discovery and admiration. With Maron Bouillie, prepare to live everyday life with style, humor, and a bit of audacity!

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