Wood home storage baskets

With designer storage basket, Maron Bouillie takes you strolling through the woods. Printed on both sides with all-around wood photos, these fabric storage boxes are reversible. They are also unique because the sides are assembled randomly. Thus, no two decorative catchalls are identical. Face to face, follow the grain of this beautiful material like a storybook. These cubic boxes are ideal for storing your items from the cellar to the attic. Small objects, cables, toys, clothespins, you name it, will have their own fabric storage basket - wood trompe l'oeil cabin.

Discover Maron Bouillie's designer storage basket

An original catchall, it is created by Maron Bouillie in Paris. She lost herself in the woods to photograph them in all their forms. From these color ranges and material swatches, she designed these trompe l'oeil wooden home storage boxes.

As you venture into the forest, prepare to be captivated by the natural spectacle of the "Bark Parades". This elegant parade of varied barks is nothing less than the haute couture attire of our tree friends, carefully crafted by Mother Nature herself. Each bark tells a story, a struggle, and survival, from the frost of winter to the burning bursts of summer. These are living canvases, sculpted over the years, constantly renewing before your eyes, offering a palette of textures and colors that reflect the myriad of climatic conditions and biodiversities. Choose this storage basket that wears images of these wonders.

In the depths of the sawmill, along the aisles of hardware stores or design shops, you will encounter "tamed wood". This is no longer the wild wood of the forest, but a machined, transformed, and sublimated material by human hands. Here, the wood is cut, polished, and often stained or varnished, transforming into artworks or furniture elements that highlight the intrinsic beauty of their raw material. It is a testament to how we, humans, can collaborate with nature to create utilitarian beauty. This wooden home storage basket is adorned with photos of all wood types.

During your urban strolls, carefully observe the "Passage of Time" on the flaking doors and shutters battered by the wind. These marks are not merely the product of the weather; they are the imprints of time itself. Each layer of peeling paint, each cracking joint, illustrates a chapter in the building's history, a continual integration of the past into the urban present. These architectural elements, though often overlooked, bear the elegant and melancholic stigmata of life and the constant evolution of our environment. This decorative storage basket is printed with photos of this material that has withstood the test of time.

Discover our reversible fabric storage boxes

Discover how our decorative baskets allow for elegant storage and add harmony to your interior.

Maron Bouillie offers you a multifunctional storage solution

This versatile box finds its place in every corner of your house, from the office to the bathroom, through the bedroom, where it serves as a discreet catchall for sorting your items, thus ensuring order and accessibility.

  • In the entryway: Essential in this frequently traveled area, this storage basket sits on a shelf to elegantly collect your keys and other small essentials, thus facilitating your comings and goings.
  • In the bedroom: This foldable catchall facilitates the organization of your accessories and helps sort your items, while offering a practical hiding spot for your glasses.
  • In the living room: This box becomes a secret refuge for your personal items, stylishly concealing your games and accessories near the fireplace.
  • In the office: Essential, this storage helps to structure your office by organizing cables and supplies, injecting color and order into your work environment.
  • In the kitchen: It preserves and categorizes various ingredients or recipes on the shelves, playing the role of flavor keeper.
  • In the children's room: Vital for ordering playful disarray, it groups toys to free up play space.
  • In the bathroom: Compact and effective, this box optimizes the organization of beauty products and accessories, ensuring neat storage.
  • In the laundry room: Perfect for collecting clothespins or other cleaning tools, it maintains order and ease of access.
  • During travels: It separates and organizes your personal effects in each suitcase, facilitating your movements.

Choose a foldable storage basket

Easy to move, this box combines distinction and practicality, adapting to your changing decor. Once its temporary use is over, it folds discreetly, adopting a compact shape to slip into a drawer. This box enriches your interior by bringing a clever mix of style and organization, while maximizing the use of space.

This square storage box is machine washable

This fabric storage basket perfectly tolerates machine washing, ensuring it maintains its look and luster over time. Use these sturdy and durable boxes and baskets, which facilitate an organized and streamlined life. Resistant and designed for daily use, they transform storage into an elegant simplification of your spaces, where each object finds its place.

Opt for decorative storage baskets made in France

These decorative catchalls embody French craftsmanship. They come to life in Charlieu, in a workshop where the white canvas is woven with attention and care. In their development, they continue their journey to Tourcoing to receive the printing of Maron Bouillie's photos.

Meticulously printed with images of this noble material, these boxes complete their journey in the skilled hands of seamstresses in Béthune. These workers, true masters of elegance and attention to detail, give the fabric the shape of small foldable storage boxes, ready to integrate into your spaces and preserve your most cherished belongings.

Throughout the seasons, these storage baskets make their way to your home, promising to bring a touch of warmth with a practical aspect to your daily life. Each box becomes more than just a container: it transforms into a haven for your items, a space where order and beauty meet, ready to soften your winters with its tender presence.

Choose eco-friendly storage boxes

Made from recycled polyester, sourced from repurposed plastic bottles, these square storage boxes represent an environmentally friendly choice. By choosing these products, you are making a conscious act to protect the environment. Enjoy the functionality of these eco-friendly boxes, true allies that harmonize your living space, highlighting each item with elegance and ecological responsibility.

Maron Bouillie offers baskets and storage boxes with an illusion twist...

Imagine transforming every room of your interior into a forest corner, where each storage piece becomes a hide-and-seek game: at Maron Bouillie, functionality is paired with visual fantasy. Each storage box, through trompe-l'oeil, invites you to guess whether they are truly made of wood or merely cleverly printed fabric, telling the story of majestic trees and enchanted woods, while remaining solidly anchored in France with durable materials.

But make no mistake, these creations are not just a pretty face on storage: they are masters of organization that allow you to tidy up with a wink and a smile. Transform storage into a magic show where each item finds its stage in this domestic theater.

Choose Maron Bouillie and its storage solutions, and make order a spicy celebration of design and durability. Here, organizing is not just about tidying up, but also about amazing, decorating, and inspiring. Don't delay, let Maron Bouillie's deceptive wood add a touch of humor and illusion to your daily life, making each room a vibrant scene of originality and ecological responsibility.

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