Vegetables bags

Imagine a world where peas poddle in pouches and zucchini lounges in totes - welcome to our whimsical collection where each vegetable has its own sack! It's where your greens get the 'haute couture' treatment - from snug beet sacs to chic celery satchels. Forget one-size-fits-all; our items are the perfect match for every sprout in your sprig. Say 'goodbye' to boring grocery carryalls and 'hello' to a garden of personality-packed pizzazz!

Unique design bag

Feast your eyes on the Maron Bouillie collection, where vegetable bags mirror your beloved veggies in every detail. From radish to carrot, leek to eggplant - these products are a tribute to the ripe picks from Paris' bustling street markets. Each tote captures the essence of the season, lined up and artistically presented for your shopping pleasure. Succumb to the allure of elegant aubergines, be enchanted by robust turnips. Handcrafted with care, Maron Bouillie has nurtured these designs from garden to studio with the tender love only a true fashion gardener knows.

Useful reusable produce bag

Strut into the greengrocer's with a designer green accessory slung over your arm, and watch as heads turn and cucumbers quiver with envy. These aren't just any bags; they're a fashion statement with a side of salad. Proudly hang one in your kitchen, and voilà, it transforms into a decorative piece that holds more than just your onions—it holds a conversation. And for those sunny days spent in the garden, let your trusty tote be your companion, eagerly awaiting the harvest like a loyal golden retriever, ready to carry your bounty with as much style as it does soil. Who knew being eco-friendly could be such a 'radishing' affair?

Sustainable shopping bag

Cook in France at 100 %

Behold the veggie tote that's not just a pretty place to stow your kale! Crafted with care in France, from the Rhône-Alpes spun fabric to its color-drenched final form in Tourcoing. Adorned with vibrant plant-based visuals and sewn with Parisian precision, this tote is primed to parade your produce with unparalleled eco-elegance.

Use reusable bag

Pick up one of these shopping pouches and you're not just carrying veggies—you're toting a piece of eco-brilliance. Made from recycled polyester, a hero born from plastic bottles and textile scraps, these items are tough cookies that help save the planet one grocery run at a time. It's durability with an eco-twist!

Machine washable

With a spin in the washer, our garden-chic items emerge sparkling, proving dirt fears them as much as pests fear a ladybug invasion. These storage bags boast a print so resilient, it laughs in the face of laundry day. Perfect for toting your garden harvest or your farmer's market finds, they're not just practical, they infuse a dash of rustic elegance wherever they perch—be it on a kitchen hook or the crook of your arm.

Seal your commitment to a greener lifestyle with these snazzy vegetable crisper bags. Join the zero-waste movement in style—where every trip to the market is a step towards a more vibrant, waste-free world!

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