Letter cushion covers

Customize your decor with decorative cushion covers printed on both sides with letter photos. Write your sweet words and messages on your sofa with these covers made from recycled fabric. This cozy alphabet, a true graphic and colorful game, is a playful addition to your interior. Made in France, these cushion covers are equipped with an invisible zipper for easy maintenance.

Personalize your home with a unique touch

Story of a design collection through the letters of the alphabet

In the bustling streets of Paris, Maron Bouillie captured unique letters, in bold or italic, bright colored initials! Like a master of contemporary typography, she then composed this incomparable urban alphabet. Each letter has a square cushion cover printed on both sides; only one letter but a different photo on each face, so you can choose the model according to your desires. It's up to you to play with this funny and quirky urban poetry. Day after day, compose words with this collection of decorative cushions, perfect messengers...

  • In the relaxed atmosphere of Gaston and Juliette's living room, decorative cushions proclaim RELAX and BE YOURSELF
  • Happiness reigns supreme on Caroline's sofa, surrounded by square cushions with LOVE and JOY
  • At Nicolas' place, when these pillows become FRIENDS, it's the word PARTY that is invited!
  • In the children's room, like a playground, the cushions display "FUN" and "PEANUT"
  • At bedtime, HUGS and KISSES take their place on the bed of both young and old.

A true source of creativity, these original decorative items will brighten up your interior. Their colorful and graphic design will bring a touch of dynamism, and their playful and decorative style will add a joyful and personalized note to every room in your house.

In search of a personalized gift idea?

For an original and humorous gift, choose these personalized letter cushions from Maron Bouillie.

  • Is it your friend Serge's birthday? Surprise him with the model S for Sunbathing Siestas!
  • For Patricia's party, I suggest the personalized letter P for Poetry reading, Chit-chatting with friends, or Perfect Product!
  • A gift for a newborn? Offer the letter B to Benjamin as the Blue BABY room or the D as Decoration for Daphné's CUDDLY TOYS.
  • Add a touch of whimsy to the housewarming party of Clémentine and Lucien by inviting each guest to bring a letter cushion cover. A fun challenge for the honored guests who will have to decipher the hidden message. Perhaps a welcoming 'WELCOME' or a shared 'LOVE'. Get ready to be surprised!
  • Christmas festivities are set to be joyful with personalized gift ideas based on everyone's passions. For Antoine, the Athlete, obviously it's the letter A.For cousin Florence the florist, opt for the letter F for Fabulous Flowers! For Marcel, the family music lover, offer a cushion with 'M for Music'. And finally, the Y for YOGA for Yuna!

Integrate these decorative cushion covers into your interior

Discover how the entire alphabet integrates into the decoration of your home. These fabric accessories, true companions in your daily life, move in a flash from your living room to the children's room.

  • R for Reverie, in the cozy universe of the bedroom, the cozy cushions accompany your wandering dreams with lightness.
  • F for Animated Film, allies of home cinema sessions, our creations welcome popcorn lovers and bursts of laughter.
  • Letter A for Adventure in the children's room, our playful cushions immerse you in imaginary worlds, where budding superheroes hide behind the curtains.
  • S for Secret Garden, our accomplice cushions watch over the confidences and secrets shared during evenings. 
  • B for Relaxation Break, where cushions welcome reading and moments of relaxation, inviting tranquility and serenity.
  • P for Party with friends, the joyful cushions liven up moments of conviviality, bringing a festive and colorful touch to the atmosphere.
  • M for Music, nestled among the notes, the cushions vibrate to the rhythm of the melodies.
  • E for Evening, companion to family moments, our cushions watch over game nights and discussions by the fireside, guardians of shared memories.

High-quality personalized letter cushion

1 - Easy maintenance of this product

Equipped with an invisible zipper, this cover is easily machine washable. The fabric and printing quality are guaranteed wash after wash. Practical and durable, this product retains its freshness over time.

By choosing these cushion covers, you are celebrating French know-how. Each piece is printed with its colors in Tourcoing. Then, it is meticulously assembled in Béthune by talented seamstresses who add the final touches to these creations.

Your purchase is tinged with ecology, as these items are made from recycled polyester, derived from plastic bottles. This material is woven in Charlieu, in the Rhône-Alpes region.

In essence, let these cushions be the mute poets of your interior, where each initial letter, each word, weaves a story of love, dreams, and escape. From the majestic 'Cosmos' C to the serene 'Serenity' S, each cushion becomes a space of tranquility in your home. Let the consonants whisper sweet secrets, and the vowels sing soothing melodies. With these lettered cushions, transform your space into a collection of visual poetry where each word, each letter, is an invitation to wonder and contemplation.

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