Vegetables occupy the kitchen!

Vegetable baskets, Fabric boxes and Wall mounted pouches, dress up your kitchen!

This season fruits and vegetables of the fashion designer Maron Bouillie are waltzing into a vegetables kitchen decor! Potatoes and Oranges are huddled in fruit and vegetable Baskets . The pears and beetroots on parade on all sides of storage boxes. Carrots and apples hanging in a row on the wall Pouches. Eggplants and squash are gathered family on the fabric tote bags. Basil and thyme are fresh and graceful in the aromatic herbs Pouches. It’s a real carnival of of all the different varieties of fruits and vegetables, which is printed on these decorative storage baskets. So, adopt them, for a colorful vegetables kitchen decor! Furthermore, they are entirely made in France with eco-fabrics. And hop, a local lifestyle and zero waste with a creative touch is possible!

At this time of year, fruits and vegetables occupy the kitchen. Every variety is on parade.

In the Brassicaceae Family, the Raphanus sativus (widely known as Radishes) are named “Champion”, “Cherry Belle”, “Easter Egg” or “Plum Purple”. They are summer or winter radishes, pink, white or black, small and round or big and long, always there whenever the gardener needs them.

In the Solanaceae family, Solanum Melongea L. (usually called Eggplants), it’s a real carnival ! “Black Bell” is next to “Louisiana Long Green”, which took along “Rosa Bianca”. Close by, “Ghostbuster” tells her feats to “Little Fingers”.

In the Rosaceae Family, the Malus Pumila (in other words Apples) are celebrating. “Pink Lady” opens the dancing with “King Cole”, “Captain Kidd” waltzes with “Belle de Boscop”, “Jazz” invites “SweeTango”. There’s no apple of discord with Pendragon.

Life will be a bowl of cherries if you stay cool as a cucumber and never let anyone drive you banana.
This collection of botanical inspiration is meant as an introduction to these extraordinary varieties of vegetables and fruits, with their diversity of shapes and colours. Aprons and dish towels, boxes and pockets in organic cotton are made in the image of these wonders of Nature.

Offer yourself a fresh and colorful natural kitchen with eco-products made in France.