Let's play ! Compose your messages with these letters items!

ABC … Aspiring writers, poets of alphabet deco or scribblers of messages, this collection will please you! First, play to sort from A to Z with the fabric boxes. Or, write sweet words using the alphabet cushions. Then, do your words shopping with letter bags. Finally, hide your secret novels in the ABC book covers. In a word, there are no rules! So watch out for the battle of letter cushions or at the words and boxes “chamboule tout” game, because everything is allowed! From one day to another, give free rein to your imagination, change the letter, turn the size. In the house or at arm’s length, this colorful alphabet brings a touch of funny and offbeat poetry.

The fun and deco alphabet by Maron Bouillie!

In the city, I went to pick up letters; letters of all colors, in bold or italics, handwritten or graphics, each with their characters! Then, like a typographer, I tamed them into a new Urban Alphabet. From streets to boulevards, I collected the words; sweet words, sound words, words that can be eaten, feminine and masculine words, … Then, like a librarian, I classified them into a new urban ABC.

A for Acrobat, Audacious, Astrolabe, So… B for Bonhomme, Bouillon, Binocle, Blablabla,… C for Comedy, Crocodile, Comet, …

This is how the alphabet decor invites themselves from the cellar to the attic and this is like that the initial bags travel at the end of your arms. Without delay, compose your messages with this sparkling and colorful collection. Also, this alphabet is entirely made in France in small series. The products are carefully made by hand in recycled fabric and lined with organic cotton.