Flea market vintage tote bags

Discover Maron Bouillie’s flea market vintage tote bags. They are unique, retro and decorative. Printed with photos of garage sale and flea market stalls, these quirky bags are practical and authentic. In addition, these original tote bags are machine washable. So adopt them for a zero waste lifestyle! They easily contain all your finds and bric-a-brac, your A4 format pockets or your 15-inch computer.

Flea market bric-a-brac Collection

Retro Tote bag «Pencils character and Matriochka

Colorful and retro, this vintage tote bag is unique. On one side, the pencil figures, head to tail, tan in the sun! On the other, a Matryoshka and small farm animals stroll through a country setting.

Vintage Tote bag « Keys and stamps »

Looking for the key to happiness or unique stamps, this original bag is for you! Light and convenient, it is essential for carrying your day’s belongings, or for shopping.

Flea market Tote bag « Puppets and chalks »

Give colors to your day! On this retro tote bag, puppets, pots of beads and chalk line up for you!

Vintage Tote bag « Spinning tops and bird »

This vintage tote bag is like your childhood memories. On the one hand, the waltz of multicolored spinning tops is on! On the other, a mechanical bird poses proudly among the toys.
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