Parisian, Maron Bouillie uses the capital as a subject to create Paris bags, Paname pouches, French touch decorative storage!

This historic, authentic, lively and touristic city is a perfect playground!

On foot or by bike, in all seasons and in all weathers, she travels the streets of the City of Light up and down with her camera. She collects images, like an apple picker, waiting for the right season, the right light. With her nose in the air, she selects the small typical details, feet on the ground she collects historical characteristics, left, then right, at the top of the stairs, on a bridge, phew that makes you dizzy! Living theater, open-air museum, Paris has more than one trick up its sleeve.

Well, let's make Paris tote bags, reusable vintage tote bags, useful souvenir gifts. Let's dress our interior with Paris printed storage boxes and Paname cushions. Then, let's adopt a small matching accessory, Paris retro-style purse or Paris promenades clutch bag ...

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