Strolling around the market

Original shopping bags, each vegetable has its own bag! Tote bags and coin purses in the colors of the market.

Iconic products of Maron Bouillie, the original shopping bags are fresh and colorful. They are printed with photographs of vegetables, row of carrots, row of radishes, row of leeks … Just picked this morning from the garden and displayed on the market gardener stall, the vegetables are beautiful for the photo! So this season, be in the vegetable garden fashion with a vegetable bag! Do your zero waste shopping with these reusable, machine washable and made in France bags.

Strolling the market from Maron Bouillie

On a sunny morning, being the Parisienne imp that I am, I enjoy a little stroll around the market with my camera slung over my shoulder. Off I go through the rush, the crush and the shopping-trolley gridlocks, with “Elle est belle ma salade!” or “3 pour 2 euros!” ringing through my ears. Fancy that! Madame Champignon is selling oyster mushrooms this morning! There’s always a queue in front of the fishmonger’s blue display. “Bonjour ma petite dame, what will it be for you? Extra-special peas? New potatoes for a jardinière?” Yummy… what a sweet scent… it’s basil! And look at all those colourful goods patiently waiting their turn to be relished…
I’ve made up my mind, the vegetables are on, today: come on, leeks, radishes, carrots, turnips, onions and beetroots, say “Cheese”! Each of you will have its own carrier to make a hit at the greengrocer’s. Latest stars of the market, the original shopping bags are the size of our favourite veggies and bear their image. Most handy for carrying leeks, and so stylish when trailing radishes around. The stallholder is not the sole actor in the market: with Maron Bouillie, the shopping trolley resembles a caravan. The flower man and the fruit-and-vegetable lad race for fun and come upon their stall, identical or almost, standing before them in print.