New shopping bags!

The Maron Bouillie shopping bag are printed with photos of fruit and vegetable displays. Fresh and colorful, there are models for all tastes! Piles of fruits of all colors, rows of vegetables of all shapes, these made in France bags are seasonal! These shopping bags are very convenient, their size makes it easy to shop, carry the day’s files and their computer. Strolling around the market Collection

Rather crunchy? Fall for the "Radis-carrots" Shopping Bag

Multicolored radish, spinach, carrots and chard are in the spotlight on this fresh and spring tote. More graphic, the sides of this original shopping bag are striped or dotted, in a nod to the shapes and colors of the vegetables.

C'est Choux ! Adopt the "Choux-Bananes" tote bag

On the one hand, the cauliflower, purple cabbage and broccoli are mixed up, on the other the bananas are lined up in a crate. Shop with a smile with this shopping bag made in France.

More spicy? Let yourself be seduced by the "Peppers-Tomatoes"

Spicy and sunny, this model features lots of tomatoes all over the place on one side; and peppers of each other’s colors. Real bag for everything, to avoid looking for keys or small papers at the bottom of the bag, it has an inside pocket.

Unique and original? Choose the "Squash – Potatoes" shopping bag

On the one hand, the different varieties of potatoes are lined up in crates, on the other hand the green and pink squash stand upright. On the shoulder or at arm’s length, carry your daily essentials with this designer bag.
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