Paris retro home decor box

With the Paris storage gift boxes, designer Maron Bouillie takes you through the streets of Paris with their vintage storefronts. Feeling a bit peckish? Stop at the Boulangerie 28 box. In the mood for reading? Head to the Livres Au Pont Traversé box. If it's time for an aperitif, take a break at the Café Au Petit Fer à Cheval box. These boxes, printed with photographs on all sides, are perfect for storing your belongings in any room of the house. With their cubic shape and face-to-face design, you can explore these authentic French shops. These decorative storage boxes are perfect as Parisian souvenir gifts. They are practical, durable, can be folded up, and are machine washable.

Opt for fabric storage solutions

Discover the benefits of our elegant decorative products that allow you to organize with style in every room, bringing harmony and elegance to your everyday life.

Maron Bouillie offers you a versatile storage product

This storage box fits seamlessly from the office to the bedroom to the bathroom, providing a discreet place for your everyday items, making them not only organized but also easily accessible.

  • In the entryway: A strategic location for passing through, placed on a shelf behind the door, the box elegantly holds your keys, the dog's leash, and various small everyday items, facilitating your departures and returns with impeccable organization.
  • In the bedroom: This foldable storage neatly organizes your accessories, assorting socks by color while also serving as a convenient spot for your glasses.
  • In the living room: A keeper of your secrets, this basket tucks away in the corner by the fireplace, stylishly concealing decks of cards and black-and-white domino sets.
  • In the office: An essential companion, this storage container helps structure your space by sorting cables and supplies, adding color and order to your creative area.
  • In the kitchen: It becomes the guardian of flavors, neatly storing onions and lemons on a shelf, or categorizing Aunt Henriette’s cherished recipes in the cupboard.
  • In the children’s bedroom: Crucial for containing playful chaos, this storage bin corrals toys, securing small pieces to clear the floor for their adventures.
  • In the bathroom: This storage box maximizes space, tidily organizing beauty products and accessories, from charming metal or plastic barrettes to white brushes and combs.
  • In the laundry room: Ideal for gathering clothespins, this storage container is also perfect for holding stain removers, clothes brushes, cleaning cloths, and other small household tools, keeping everything well organized and within easy reach.
  • During travel: A true ally of organization, this foldable basket segregates and organizes your personal belongings, turning each suitcase into a refined and structured space

This storage box is foldable and lightweight

Combining elegance and portability, this keepsake box can easily be moved from one room to another, adapting to your decorative needs. When not in use, it collapses discreetly, folding quickly into a slim profile. A true space-saving chameleon, it provides a harmonious arrangement and essential storage, bringing order and aesthetic appeal to every corner of your dwelling.

This item is machine washable

Finally, this gift Box can easily be washed in your machine, promising to retain its splendor over time. It offers durability and enduring beauty, simplifying daily maintenance. Choose these fabric boxes, your long-term partners in creating a decluttered and harmonious living space. Built to last, they craft an environment where order becomes a visual poem, streamlining every aspect of your domestic life.

Use foldable storage boxes made in France

These decorative pouches, the quintessence of French craftsmanship, are crafted in the serene town of Charlieu, where the white canvas is woven with patience and devotion. Resembling a blank canvas awaiting the artist's touch, they then journey to Tourcoing (North of France), where they are adorned with vibrant colors that capture the essence of bustling streets and pastoral landscapes.

Each piece, meticulously printed with photographs that capture the soul of Paris, reaches its final form in the expert hands of the Béthune seamstresses. These artisans, true custodians of elegance and detail, craft the textiles into foldable Paris boxes, designed to safeguard your treasured souvenirs and everyday essentials.

With each season, these boxes make their way to your house, promising to warm every corner with their subtle charm and practical elegance. More than mere objects, each storage solution becomes a cozy haven for your belongings, a place where order meets beauty, ready to envelop your winters in comforting softness.

Choisissez des articles éco-responsables

These storage boxes, crafted from scraps of recycled polyester—once mere plastic bottles—are now reborn as guardians of your daily treasures. Each one is lined with organic cotton, as soft as the promise of a greener tomorrow. Beneath their functionality lies a commitment to preserving the environment while bringing both order and beauty to every corner of your home. Allow yourself to be charmed by their subtle presence, these eco-responsible sentinels orchestrating domestic harmony, where each object finds its place with elegance and conscientiousness.

Discover our Paris storage decorative boxes

With these printed fabric Paris themed boxes, you can visit vintage shops right from your living room. From one end of this cubic storage space to the other, admire the dazzling facades, and allow yourself to be virtually transported inside these historically rich shops. These meticulously designed storage accessories become essential for organizing your space — not only for tidying cables and documents in your office, but also for enhancing a corner of greenery by elegantly doubling as a planter, for example.

Maron Bouillie offers you a wide collection of trinket boxes:

With this Paris box featuring retro charm, never forget to buy bread again! Adorned with ceramics painted with wildflowers by Benoist & Fils — including poppies, cornflowers, daisies, and thistles that capture the essence of freshness since 1900 — it evokes the atmosphere of a bygone Parisian bakery. Use it to keep your baked goods fresh and within easy reach, adding a touch of nostalgia and elegance to your kitchen.

Clop-clop, take a break and stop for a coffee at the Café Au Petit Fer à Cheval! As you savor the unique atmosphere of this green-clad French Parisian bistro, nestled in the heart of the Marais, let this themed Paris box become part of your living room. Not only is it perfect for maintaining order in your home with style, but also imagine it as a chic repository for your coffee souvenirs—from coffee capsules to collected menus, it captures the bohemian spirit of vintage Paris with every utilization.

Use this square gift box to organize and preserve your sewing treasures like those from the 'Au Mètre à Ruban' haberdashery. It's a veritable treasure trove for seamstresses, where buttons, ribbons, threads, and needles find their perfect place from floor to ceiling. Whether you're an expert or a novice, this box helps you organize your supplies, transforming your workspace into an area as orderly and inspiring as the neighborhood haberdashery, renowned for its welcoming atmosphere and expert advice.

Add this foldable decorative Box to recreate a piece of the Au Petit Versailles du Marais bakery at home. Inspired by the opulence of the 1860s decor, with mirrors that reflect light and elegance, and ceilings painted “fixed under glass” by Charles Anselm, it brings a touch of vintage Paris to your interior. Perfect for keeping your pastries warm or for organizing your baking ingredients in a stylish manner, this basket transforms each use into an experience that is both practical and poetic.

Zut! Behind this expressive exclamation lie treasures of industrial antiques, timeless relics awaiting a second life behind the black facade. Imagine dozens of clocks, their hands frozen between noon and two, patiently waiting to tick once more. Incorporate these fragments of the past into your daily life by carefully organizing them with this storage box, not only to preserve their integrity but also to infuse a vintage soul into your decor. These trinket Box not only maintain order but also tell stories, weaving the old with the new.

Use this trinket Box to capture a slice of Parisian history: it transports you directly to the Boulangerie Pâtisserie Blanche du Moulin de la Galette, where early 20th-century facades proudly display 'specialty of fine pastries and croissants - delivery throughout the city at any time.' Like a window into these sweet delicacies, our storage box features decorations that recall the store’s wall tiles, adorned with daisy, croissant, and wheat ear patterns, immersing you in the captivating Art Nouveau style. Provide a corner for your kitchen accessories or cherished keepsakes in this timeless elegance, infusing your residence with a poetic and gourmet atmosphere reminiscent of Montmartre.

Employ this keepsake box to recreate the unique atmosphere of the Au Pont Traversé bookstore, nestled near the Luxembourg Gardens. Founded in 1973 by Marcel Béalu and housed in a former butcher's shop, its blue facade adorned with bull and sheep heads transports you back in time, evoking the sensation of opening an old book. Perfect for storing your books and literary souvenirs, simply place this french bag on a shelf in your room. It will add a practical and poetic decorative touch.

In this elegant and practical storage box, transform your office into a real 'Mélodies Graphiques' workshop. Its chic black facade provides a haven for all writing enthusiasts and lovers of beautiful stationery. Whether you're an experienced calligrapher or simply nostalgic for the days of inkwells, this box offers you a perfectly organized corner to store your writing and drawing instruments, along with all your accessories for wrapping and sealing your letters. Everything is designed to inspire and facilitate your creativity, making this basket a treasure trove of pencils and pens, where each tool is neatly arranged, ready to be picked up the moment inspiration strikes.

In conclusion, Maron Bouillie suggests organizing with style and enjoyment...

Imagine transforming every storage space into a stylish game of hide and seek: this is everyday life at Maron Bouillie, where functionality meets imagination. Each gift box tells a story, whether it's a stroll through the picturesque streets of Paris or an exploration of charming old shops, all crafted in France using recycled and sustainable materials.

Our creations are not merely storage units; they are characters in your home that bring joy, order, and a deep respect for the planet. These products invite you to play roles as an organizer, decorator, and even a magician of space, turning the simple act of tidying up into a creative journey.

Choose Maron Bouillie for your storage solutions, and celebrate organization with design and sustainability. For us, tidying up is synonymous with enchanting, decorating, and inspiring. Don't wait any longer to bring this artistic magic into your everyday life, making each room in your house a lively tale of originality and ecological stewardship.

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