Paris retro-style

Original souvenirs of Paris, unique items printed with photos of old typical storefronts!

Like a tourist, stroll through the streets of Paris with a Paris retro bag! They are printed with photographs of authentic shops. Bakery, coffee shop, creamery invite you to push the door for the pleasure of the eyes. As well, complete your collection with vintage shoulder bags,Paris retro clutch bags, and matching retro purses. While pulling up the flap of the bag turn over your pouches, you get inside the store. And hop, your smile grows as memories arise … Nostalgic? So, let the old storefronts decorate your home with storage boxes and “shop” cushions . Especially since this Parisian decor is made in France in recycled fabric. Finally, take a break reading at the bookstore or sweetshop with a book cover. With Maron Bouillie, treat yourself to a historic visit to take your hand!

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As cool as an alley cat, I set off to explore the remnants of a city of merchants. I am led by the light melody that pervades these surroundings so full of reminiscence. These good old stores have travelled through time without realizing it: nice little corner shops, unchanged, familiar to all in the neighbourhood… Outside, standing on the sidewalk, I am fascinated by the windows, sometimes dated, often lush, always elegant. For a moment, I am reminded of these old black and white postcards on which you see the clerks, in their Sunday best, proudly posing all together in front of their shop.

At last, I push the door open. Tinkle-tinkle… Inside, it’s nice and cosy. I am swept away by nostalgia, intoxicated by old scents. Colours come tumbling out.  I am in another world, as if I had just opened a book, a story begins… From one generation to the next the wooden floor makes the same creaking sounds, the furniture smells of wax. The jars, boxes and various wares are lined up on shelves. The shopkeeper mishievously points out to me the countless wonders of his shop. We are on for the real McCoy ! As a child, I loved to play shops. Nowadays, I play shops selling bags showing shops.