Everything has its place

Adopt a zero waste lifestyle with reusable fabric food bags!

Do your zero waste shopping by playing between real and fake with the collection Every thing has its place collection. The bulk bags are printed with photos of vegetables or cereals. Use them as a shopping list, today it’s Potatos, Tomatoes, Rice and Coffee! With Maron Bouillie, play tidying up or store to play with the kitchen storage bags. Pasta, lentils and Cornilles are dry in these bags of recycled fabrics, lined with organic cotton. These reusable fabric food bags are made in France with care.

Everything has its place with Maron Bouillie

Like a lullaby, I do my shopping. Without plastic, I recycle.

Tomatoes, potatoes, lemons! Red, brown, yellow! Pasta, Rice, Coffee! Seeds, leaves, powder! Do not forget the list!

Put in bags, reusable bags, bulk bags, food bags, organic bags, storage bags, …

Like a game, I tidy, sort and align; in a row, in pile, in bulk!

I play between true and false, between contents and container, with shapes and colors of the food.

Everything has its place, we do not mix the tea towels with towels, look!