Maron Bouillie is a French trademark. It creates textile products printed with photographs. The designer, Marie Bouillon, dresses you up with pictures, gives you a smile, takes you travelling with her. Of high quality, the items are manufactured in Japan with care as well as a great respect for the human being. Maron Bouillie proposes poetic, timeless and lasting lines of products.

Maron Bouillie goes off for a walk to fill her basket with images, she tames wavy blades of grass and gathers wisps of air. Back in her studio, Maron Bouillie exposes those delicate moments, sprinkles her ideas to keep them fresh and creates gear that looks good on you. Over the seasons, Maron Bouillie plants her collections. Paris or La Provence, leek bag, radish bag, baker’s shop or grocer’s shop bags, each of them is special… According to the spirit of the times, the items grow differently. A bit of mimetism, a handful of detournement, Maron Bouillie sows the seeds of poetry.

  WHO IS maron bouillie ?

THE designer

The designer, Marie Bouillon, is living and working in Paris. She grew up in the country, then was an art student in Paris at Écoles supérieures Boulle and Duperré. Artist, designer and photograph, she takes a special interest in non-standard approaches, both in the field of fashion and performing arts. In 2003, she created her firm and her trademark : Maron Bouillie. Close to nature and in tune with her environment, Maron Bouillie creates honest-to-goodness objects inspired by her childhood, her love of rambling, the French culture and traditions. If her collections spring from wishes and whims, they are mainly an excuse for telling stories.

THE leprechaun

Emblem of the brand, the little leprechaun tells the life of Maron Bouillie.

THE Workshop

THE vidEo


THE LitTle pixie