Wonderful times of contemplation, when you silently pick secret pleasures; enchantments thanks to which you savour life infinite treasures. Unexpected times, times when you take a break, breathe deeply and feel this resonance filling you up with energy. These very feelings have produced clothes to dress you with happiness and memories, bags to carry the sweetness of things and the poetry of light. In order to remain consistent with this idea of well-being, our collection is made out of organic cotton.


« I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health. » Voltaire


« Happy times, as the seasons go by. Happy times, as the hours go by.  »

I blithely took a breather in the shade of a tree. Snugly ensconced in my bed, I listened to the quiet snow-clad landscape.

As I was in a joyful mood, I walked barefoot in the morning dew. At dusk, I roamed the streets of the city. Coming back from school, I threw down my bag, climbed up the cherry tree and gobbled down cherries until I couldn’t eat any more. Outside a café, I enjoyed the warmth of the sun filtering through an orangey foliage. On the seashore, I let sand sift through my fingers. Up on my balcony, fascinated by the sight of the thunderstorm, I inhaled the rich smell of wet earth. Sitting by the fireplace, my cat on my lap, I petted its fur to the rhythm of its purring…