market BRIC-À-BRAC

Bags, boxes and a pocket to hunt !


It’s the annual flea market, the clearance and bric-à-brac sale of Nowheresville. There are crates full of crockery, rows of books, heaps of clothes, endless lines of knick-knacks, boxes overflowing with toys… stalls as far as the eye can see… At Memory Fair one can rub shoulders with grime and beauty, items unique or identical, poesy and nostalgia, scrap merchants and hagglers, street vendors and onlookers…


“Jumble” meets “Topsy-turvy”, “In days of yore” is next to “In olden times”, “Fate” has an appointment with “Opportunity”, “Yesterday” meets up again with “Recently”. People bargain, talk about the weather, pass time, remember things past, they come and go, chat and babble, ask for news, are surprised, they rummage and search about, find stuff and indulge themselves. In this vast theater of objects, the “puppets” are waiting for the passer-by who will give them a new role, a new life. My “containers”, bags, boxes, pots and tidies, are very much like these moments of unusual gathering. Use them to put away your finds, to go to the market, to pile up what you cannot possibly organize. Put them somewhere in your house, anywhere...




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